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From the webmaster:

This new web site for NWMA, is continuously evolving, hopefully improving.  It's missing lots of things it should or could have.  Here are items I'm working on (in no particular order).  
  • Much more detail about the regatta: Sailing Instructions, Schedule of activities on the water and ashore. Background on Port Townsend.
  • A registration page for the regatta with a PayPal button for registration fees.
  • A roster of boats or members or member's boats.  Hopefully with a template such that skippers can make and manage their own entry.  
  • Something to facilitate rendezvous for cruise trips or race attendance; Right now, the Racing tab takes you to the kind of spreadsheet we used last year, but I don't think that's ideal.  There should be a way to broker crew available & wanted (use  Sailing Anarchy?)
  • A way for any club member to post an pictures or an article: cruise or race report, project update, random rant.  Ideally we can make it easy to edit and post the article directly in this website *or* to link to an article that has been posted in some external blog, so we don't force people to write the same article twice.
  • Membership page for new and renewing members to pay dues.
But I don't know the half of it, and, equally,  half of what I know is probably wrong.  So please add comments below with your feedback and ideas about the web site.
Or feel free to harass me directly: Bob.Hyman@gmail.com.
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