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Sunday June 2 - R2AK 'Ruckus' and Dinner Meeting in Port Townsend -- Minutes Attached

posted May 7, 2019, 3:43 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Jul 2, 2019, 2:47 PM ]

We will have our monthly meeting in Port Townsend on Sunday June 2.  Why? Turns out that the Race to Alaska "Ruckus" followed by race start the next day is on the eve of the 1st Tuesday of the month.  So our meeting in Port Townsend takes advantage of this, and it gives our west of the Sound members a chance to attend conveniently. 

On Sunday the R2AK “Race Ruckus” begins at noon and continues all afternoon and evening  R2AK boats will be on the seaside end of Point Hudson marina  and in Pope Marine Park next to the Northwest Maritime Center.It is great fun to stroll among, and see, the variety of boats and talk to the competitors as they assemble and do last minute tweaks to their entries.  So come early in the day and bump into NWMA members along the way. Also the SEVENTY48 racers will be finishing as they arrive from Tacoma. Coincidentally the Classic Mariner (SEVENTY48) regatta boats will be on the inland end of Point Hudson marina.

At 5pm we will transition to the other end of town, 1 mile southwest, to walk the docks at Boat Haven marina (where there might be more R2AK boats)   

6 – 8 pm we will enjoy dinner and NW Multihull meeting at the Port Townsend Yacht Club

We hope to see you in the marvelous multi maritime mecca of Port Townsend! 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MINUTES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We did something different this year which some of us had been thinking about for a while.  We had the meeting across Puget Sound so that the members over there did not have to suffer the cost, schedule and time to take a ferry to get to Seattle.  Since the R2AK race was starting June 2 and our first Tuesday meeting date was so close we decided to combine the two and have the meeting in Port Townsend on Sunday evening before the start of the race.  The race is a popular draw for multihullers and this multiplied the attraction for folks to come to the meeting.  It worked as I counted exactly 50 people sitting down, having dinner, libations and a wonderful time.

Vice Commodore Diane J. did a great job of pulling this all together with husband Mark O. helping out behind the scenes.  Others helped here and there I suspect but they, unfortunately, are unknown to this writer.  Diane connected with NWMA member Doug H. in Port Townsend who is a member of the Port Townsend Yacht Club.  Doug got us a great rate to rent the club for the evening.  We had no planned presentation other than to walk the docks all day to view the amazing craft that were rigging up to start the race at 5 am the next morning.  That was a great carnival atmosphere with food carts, sponsor tents, live music and the best Victorian and maritime town that I know of.

Around 4:30, at least 10 folks showed up to help prep the mountain of food Diane bought at Costco and to set up tables and chairs.  It was so nice to have many hands make short, and fun, work of it.  What a great community we have!  After a good hour of snacking, gabbing and imbibing from 5-~6pm the dinner bell rang and we queued up to a quick double line on either side of the loaded serving tables.  Wine and keg were there as well.  We had a great time chatting and chowing down with our table mates. There were 50 or more NWMA members and friends here. 

When most of the food was eaten Vice Commodore Diane stood up and thanked Doug and another PTYC member John P. for making their club house and kitchen available to us.  We all gave a hearty round of applause.  She mentioned a few Multihull Club meeting items since Commodore Jeff could not attend; going over the advantages of our club membership; such as discounts at Fisheries Supply, tools and equipment loaning library (boat scale, huge storage rack/boat tent frame, boat stands, etc.), discount at Ballard Sails, free sail measuring for new PHRF racers, Amelia Yacht Charters 15% discount on day/sunset charters of their nearly new 38’ Seawind catamaran.   

Diane then acknowledged some of the long time members and seldom seen members from this far side of Puget Sound.  Long-time members Bill Bowman, John Matthiesen, Rita Kepner, Floyd Moore and others spontaneously stood up and in turn spoke at length about how this club changed so many lives in those early, heady years of building plywood trimarans with dreams of sailing off over the horizon.  Many did.  Past Commodore Martyn mentioned seeing an old invoice for 30 aluminum masts!  Such was the activity of home builders whence this club was born from.   We heard from many others including a couple who came all the way from Portland (wow) for the meeting (and I suspect the r2ak festivities too).  Lots of fun stories were told.  Multihull broker Matthew Dunning was there.  And a wonderful young family on a unique Featherlight 435 catamaran on the hard next door came by.  It was fun to hear of their 10 year refit and plan to sail to San Diego very soon to begin a cruising life; they already have been living aboard in Lake Union and in the boat yard for a long time! 

We also heard from Bill Q and Team Narwhal about their preparation and training for a shot at R2AK glory.  Club members Joel, Mark D., and Li are going along with him.  The vessel is the F32 trimaran Tatiana that Bill built in garages in 3 different states.  Look em up in the R2AK participants page  Mark nearly won stage one of the first R2AK on a sailboard!  Li did the race last year in the beautiful Corsair 970 trimaran of Team Wright Yachts. 

Joel and wife Patty are living aboard, on the hard, finishing off the Marples 35 trimaran that Dave Vincent began many years ago but Dave passed away with it partially completed.  Our long-time members expressed much thanks to Joel and Patty for completing/realizing the dream that this boat represents.  They plan to cruise long and far. 

Vince D. raised a toast to Team Narwhal.  Then local sailors John Powers and Lynn Gleason offered some local knowledge to Team Narwhal so that they could be victorious in their quest for R2AK glory. Greg Jacobs made a great looking R2AK plaque for Team Narwhal. All very nice gestures. 

Somewhere during this time Tom S. was cajoled into giving us a rundown of the last Americas Cup in Bermuda. He enthusiastically complied in his usual entertaining and wonderfully informative manner.   It turned into a good 30+ minutes of thoughts and Q&A. The AC 50’ foiling catamarans (he referred to them as F50s, but they’re not Farriers) are being given a second life in a Grand Prix 50 circuit currently spanning the globe.  Most recently last April they had 2 days of great racing of the 6 boat fleet right on the waterfront in SFO (San Francisco). If you haven’t seen the utube of that series you should look it up.  It was nearly as spectacular as the 2013 cup race with the 72 footers in SFO.  I interjected my fantastic AC experience in 2013 there and strongly encouraged anyone who can, to attend the 2020 GP50 event in SFO.  I’m certainly going to try to get down there.  He mentioned that Larry Ellison is footing the bill for this Grand Prix circuit series (4 or 5 races this year) for 5 years!  So there will likely be one each year in SFO, Larry’s home town, to go see.  DO IT!  Ok enough cheer leading.

Tom mentioned that as the crews over the last couple years learned how to sail and foil the F-50s, the racing became more traditional.  Such that conventional tactics and strategy came more into play, as opposed to straight out boat speed, foiling and banging the corners.  I did notice this when I watched the SFO series on Utube.  It seemed that there were times when those fantastic boats were engaged in tacking duels, AT 30-49 KNOTS!!!!  The racing was often very close.  Tom then touched on the evolution of the current AC boats, which are foiling “monohulls”.  He mentioned that it will be interesting if the winds are light and the boats come off their foils.  His thought is that they may have a hard time getting back up to foiling speed as compared with the non ballasted catamarans of the last two AC contests.  It may be that they will end up just banging the corners of the race course to avoid gybes and tacks that will expose them to splashdowns.

After this it became obvious that wondering about not having a program for the meeting was unfounded.  The stories just continued as more members stood up to share their experiences of this club over the last 52 years.  It was truly a wonderful and spontaneous evening.  It was very cool to hear about the early years of the club and the enthusiasm and thankfulness that the old timers had for it.  It would have been fun to have it recorded for posterity but I can’t take notes that fast.

We have our summer recess now until the first meeting on Tuesday, September 3.  However some of us will likely sail to Poulsbo on July 3 to see their fireworks and then sail to Blake Island on the 4th to see the ones in Seattle.  Come raft up. 

Some will go to Cowichan Bay regatta first week of August, and I had a great time meeting up with our northern partners of the British Columbia Multihull Society at their raft up last September.  I recommend you go to their website and get the details and show up this year. They are a fun welcoming bunch. says: Our three major cruising/racing events are the (mid May) Victoria Day sail-in at Port Browning on Pender Island, the Summer Sail in July 19-21 at Newcastle Island near Naniamo and the Labour Day  sail-in again at Port Browning August 31– September 2.

Till next September; fair winds.

Eric Lindahl, NWMA Secretary

May 7 - Team Wright Yachts Completes 2018 R2AK -- Minutes Attached

posted May 2, 2019, 2:04 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Jun 26, 2019, 3:55 PM ]

Li Sung and possibly Rob Wright will talk about their completion of the 2018 Race to Alaska in a brand new Corsair 970 Sport trimaran.

Meeting Minutes & Notes for Northwest Multihull Association May 7, 2019 Meeting


Our gathering started with a potluck dinner as always and we had plenty of tasty food for all while we chatted with friends old and new.  There are always a few new faces and its fun to get to know them and their sailing aspirations.  


Commodore Jeff rang the bell at around 7 to signal a short meeting.  He mentioned our Summer schedule including next month’s meeting at Port Townsend on Sunday June 2.  This is a departure from our normal meeting spot so that we can enjoy seeing the festivities of the R2AK boats that day and also to act on a desire to make it easy, for once, for our Kitsap Penninsula members to come to the meeting.  He put a plug in for our informal rendezvous at Poulsbo on July 3 just off the bandstand to view the fireworks and then a sail the next day to Blake Island to see the Seattle fireworks.  Jeff then outlined the financial benefits of the club; discount at Fisheries Supply, Tools and equipment loaning library (boat scale, huge storage rack/boat tent frame, boat stands, etc.), discount at Ballard Sails, free sail measuring for new PHRF racers, free boat show tickets, and Amelia Yacht Charters 15% discount on day/sunset charters of their nearly new 38’ Seawind catamaran.   


Treasurer Mark did not have exact figures for the current balance but noted that we probably came out ahead or even from out Everett Rally and that we were a sponsor of the Blakely Rock Benefit race last month with a $500 donation to the designated charity; the local MySail youth multihull sailing organization,


Vice Commodore Diane gave some specifics on the Port Townsend meeting on June 2:  It will be at the Pt Townsend Yacht Club in Boat Haven, the large marina 1 mile south of town.  We will meet there at 5 and walk the docks to view the various R2AK entries who are moored there.  Then at 6 we will convene at the YC for dinner and a short meeting.  The club will provide all the food and drink, soda & beer I think she said.  There is no program contemplated at this time as the R2AK will be plenty of entertainment.  She also mentioned that the Classic Yacht Show will be in town with some great boats in the Port Hudson Marina.  The 70/48 race will be finishing about the same time and it will be interesting to see some of their craft.  She encouraged all of us to invite sailors we know on the Kitsap Peninsula to come to the meeting and learn about our club.


We then went around the room to introduce ourselves and tell a bit about our boating life.  We heard from a couple who have a Seawind 1160 cat on order.  There were some first timers and a couple serious buyers on the lookout for the right multihull.  Welcome to them.


Jeff also mentioned the success and great weather we had at our annual rally in Everett last weekend.  We garnered several boats at 2pm Friday at Meadow Point to start a friendly race to Everett where we joined others for a group dinner at Anthony’s Grill.  Beautiful weather and generally enough wind to ghost our lighter weight craft well enough to keep the motoring to a minimum.  I think some of the bigger cats resorted to motoring though.  Typically, the wind piped up to 10 or so off Everett for a booming tight reach into the harbor.  On Saturday we had our fun race where most saw several gray whales off of Hat Island on our way to the turn around at Holmes Harbor.  That night the club provided a keg and pizza and salad for $10 on the party barge next to our moorings.  This also included a nice fresh continental breakfast the next morning.  Three Cheers to Jonathan K who organized/did all the food, shopping, Rsvps and logistics for this event.  The gathering on the barge Sunday morning was a continuation of the confab the night before.  Over the weekend people got to tour many interesting boats.  One could see beautiful cruising cats: Seawind 1160, Mahe 36, a racy Crowther/Calvert 42 and an interesting and fast home build 40’er based off of Kurt Hughes hulls.  There were several Farrier trimarans; F9A, F32AX, F31R and AC, Sprint 750, Pulse 600, and I probably missed someone.  We found a crew slot on Saturday for anyone who wanted to sail on a multihull.  After the leisurely breakfast in the warm sun on Sunday we cast off for home bases, most to Seattle.  It started out light to no wind with a motor to about Edmonds where a light north wind filled in to around 6 or 10 knots for glorious reaching under spinnaker, back and forth across the sound to Shilshole Bay.  It was great to see our various boats spread out across Puget Sound enjoying the afternoon.


The evening program was a presentation by Li Sung about his team Wright Yachts entry in the 2018 R2AK on a beautiful red (my favorite color) brand new Corsair 970 Trimaran.  (Its for sale!)  They had a good team of 3 but the boat arrived unassembled in 2 containers just 2 weeks ahead of the start.  It was interesting to hear the difficulties of figuring how the boat was to go together and adding the rowing and pedal stations to propel the boat when the wind died in the no motors race.  He thanked the several club members for their help learning to sail multihulls particularly the Farrier/Corsair owners who took them out sailing to get used to that size trimaran. The first hand account of the tribulations (food, water, sleep, weather, route finding) of the race itself was very instructive to those thinking about a future effort.  There were great pictures and a nicely edited video to finish it off.  Afterwards Li patiently and thoroughly fielded many questions from us.   


Meeting and program adjourned around 10 then we pitched in to clean up and put the room back in order. 


PS:  Here is a list of attendees at the Everett Rally not in any particular order.  Someone said there were 10 total so I got em all.


Seawind 1160 Amelia, Li S.

Fontaine Pajot Mahe 36 One World,  Martyn and Linda A.

Crowther/Calvert 42 Green Flash Jim M.

interesting and fast home build 40’er based off of Kurt Hughes hulls forgot the name, Lloyd F.

F9A Ruff Duck, Jeff O.

F32AX Tatiana,  Bill Q. 

F31R Freda Mae Vince D.

F31AC Min Vän, Eric L.

Sprint 750 Name?, owner Steve

Pulse 600 Name?,  Owner John

April 2 - Still Sailing Fast and Far in Ancient Polynesian Proas - Minutes Attached

posted Mar 10, 2019, 5:58 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Apr 13, 2019, 3:52 PM ]

Mimi George from Hawaii will show video, diagrams, and slides of construction and sailing of the TePuke and TeAlo designs of outrigged voyaging canoes, and the explanations and demonstrations of the builders and sailors of these vessels.  These designs are the ancient heritage of the Polynesian community of Taumako, in the SE Solomon Islands. They are the only Pacific islanders still building, sailing, and navigating using only ancient designs, materials, methods, and tools.  But the vessels do not require money or high tech equipment to build or maintain, and they out-perform modern vessels in many ways.  Mimi will show the jobs of crew members and the method of shunting (end to end tacking) will be demonstrated. Mimi will point out hydrodynamic and aerodynamic advantages in the performance of the hull, the outrigger, and the sail, and discuss whether this design can be built using modern materials.  Plan on a lively Q and A discussion!

Marianne “Mimi" George is one of the worlds leading researchers of this ancient polynesian proa technology. Her paper on this topic is listed in our Items of Interest column.

Meeting Minutes & Notes


Wow I don’t think I’ve seen so many people at one of our meetings in my short 5 year membership, or at least in a long time.  Must have been over 40 folks.   Thanks for coming.  We had a great potluck with all who came.  Lots of catching up to do with friends and new faces which was much enjoyed.  We usually have close to an hour for this if you come at 630, or a bit before, and we used every bit of that to chat and eat.


Commodore Jeff couldn’t make it so Vice Commodore Diane ran the short meeting.  To get our attention Bill Q’s ~10 year old son started it off with an energetic ringing of the ships bell.   Diane mentioned the club is a sponsor of the Sloop Tavern Blakely Rock race, one of the largest races in the region.  We have our burgee proudly stenciled on all the tee shirts sold for the event.  She reminded us that our participation greatly increased the donation to the chosen beneficiary charity for the event; the local MySail youth multihull sailing organization,  She encourage us to sign up and race this mostly well regarded event.  For the benefit of the new faces she explained the perks of membership; discount at Fisheries Supply, Tools and equipment loaning library (boat scale, huge storage rack/boat tent frame, boat stands, etc.), discount at Ballard Sails, free sail measuring for new PHRF racers, free boat show tickets, and new to me was that Amelia Yacht Charters will give us a 15% discount on day/sunset charters of their nearly new 38’ Seawind catamaran.  See website at  I believe the boat was bought new just a year or so ago thru member Rob Wright’s brokerage, he’s the local Seawind and Corsair multihull dealer.  Treasurer Mark noted that we have $8080 in the club account which should carry us through the sailing season’s activities.

It was mentioned that the May Rally first weekend in May is conflicting with the Race to the Straights.  This decision was made to avoid a conflict with the 2nd weekend which is Mothers Day and has been the date the last few years.  Hopefully more can get off the hook and spend the entire weekend with us on this date.   Another discussion was to have the June meeting on the same weekend as the R2AK festivities in Port Townsend.  This has been on the back burner for a while.  The thought was it would be nice for those on the peninsula to not have to take the ferry for once, and the R2AK will be a very strong draw as well.  A straw poll showed:


June 1 in Port Townsend got several hands


June 4 in Seattle got a few hands


June 11 in Seattle got 0 hands


So its looking like we will have the meeting in PT, probably in the evening of June 1.  Confirmation and details to be posted on the website ASAP.


Our tradition is to go around the room and tell a bit about our sailing life.  Since there were so many people VC Diane instead told a bit of the club’s 50 year history and then had just the first timers introduce themselves.  Some of the new folks that came for the program that I recall were Ken all the way from Portland. Will & Susanne with a boat I believe named Selche, Trooper Tom a friend of Commodore Jeff, visiting from Kansas, Martin P,  and Matt J and Scott V who both did the R2AK if I got my facts right.  There were others but I didn’t manage to get all of their names.  There were several people new to multihulls and some were interested in crewing.  You can contact the Secretary, Eric Lindahl 206 525-8472 if you are looking for crew.  The secretary has archived the emails received at the meeting on a companion copy of these minutes, for “internal use only”.  We also had a rare visit from Joe and Sue fresh off their Panama Canal transit to west coast Mexico on their 48 Chris White Catamaran.


The program that drew so many people was the fascinating Vaka Taumako Project.  It was presented by Mimi George.  Basically this is an effort to retain the ancient proa building and open ocean navigation skills of a remote Island in the Solomons.  Mimi George and David Lewis sailed to the remote Taumako in 1993.  The inhabitants may be the only South Pacific Islanders who still use and retain the ancient watercraft and navigation techniques in an unbroken continuum.  The aging chief asked them to help him engage and pass on this knowledge to the next generation before it is lost.  Mimi’s presentation and the resulting Q&A was fascinating in many ways but for me it was the similarities to modern aero and hydro dynamics.  For instance the purposely made rough scallop marks left by the adz fashioned ~30’ dug out main hull acts much the same as the dimples in a golf ball.  It was interesting to get Paul Bieker’s take on that aspect as he is a well known naval architect working with and designing high performance multihulls including Americas Cup 33, 34, & 35 and the 53’ Fujin.  There were also interesting aspects of the woven pandanus strip sail that cause efficiencies from its vertical and horizontal vortexes.  Mimi had a good video that explained some of this but it’s not finished and I wished we had a sail maker in the audience or Tom S there to help explain some of the technical stuff.  We saw other clips of the video but it is still being edited so its not all put together yet.  However, the pics of the material gathering, build process and sailing of the first traditional proa to be lashed together since 1980 was very interesting with archival pictures of the boats from the early 1900’s to the recent first open ocean voyage to another island by the Vaka that was built in 1996.  Ok, enough gushing.  If you missed the meeting I highly recommend trying to get to see Mimi’s presentation at the PT Wooden Boat Festival sometime during the Sept 6-8 weekend.  The video should be finished by then.  You will not be disappointed.  Here is good reading and pictures on the website:   You can also 501.c3 donate to this good cause there.


Next month, May 7, we will hear about Wright Yachts R2AK effort last year on a brand new Corsair 970 trimaran.  They are working hard to put together a great slide show.

Secretary Eric

March 5 - Teaching the Next Gen How to Fly Across the Water by Boat

posted Feb 17, 2019, 5:34 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Feb 17, 2019, 5:35 PM ]

Peter Nelson from Multihull Youth SAIL (MY SAIL) Foundation will tell us about his foundation and its mission of creating the next generation of multihull sailors. 

February 5 - Annual Auction of Sailing Gear -- Minutes Attached

posted Jan 9, 2019, 5:26 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Mar 8, 2019, 7:27 PM by Mark Olsoe ]

Our Annual Auction has always been a lively and entertaining evening.  Bring your used gear here to sell, and be prepared to bid on some great values.  10% (or more if you want) of sales price goes to club as a donation. Northwest Multihull Association.

Minutes --

As usual first order of business is our traditional potluck and gab session which is always good, and fun 


At 715 Commodore Jeff called a short meeting.  He mentioned the perks of membership; discount at Fisheries Supply, Tools and equipment loaning library (boat scale, storage racks/tent frame, boat stands, etc.), Discount at Ballard Sails and free sail measuring for new PHRF racers.  Free boat show tickets!  He reminded members to contact the club for important stuff via email.  The Safety at Sea class Sign Up Sheet was passed around for those interested.  He also mentioned that the Oregon Offshore Club is a pretty cool and sought after organization and are considering opening their events to multihulls.  They’re talking to members with the goal of understanding our multihull handling and safety experiences.


The members present then voted for next years club officers:

Treasurer - Mark Olsoe

Secretary - Eric Lindahl

Rear Commodore - Dan Hill

Vice Commodore - Diane Johnson

Commodore - Jeff Oaklief


Nominated Chairman Positions are:

Membership - Andrew Rice

PHRF Director - Martyn Adams

PHRF Handicapper - Vince DePillis - shadow Jim Miller

Race Fleet - Jonathan Kallay

Cruise - Bill Quigley

Property Manager/Tool Library - Jonathan Kelley


Our treasurer reported our balance as $8039 and that is sufficient for this years activities.  Auction proceeds will add to that next month. 


The club chose to donate $500 to MySail youth multihull sailing organization.  Peter Nelson, long time Hobie racer, spoke last month about this new 501c3 foundation to encourage 12-25 year old youths to transition into multihull sailing and racing.  It is the beneficiary of the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club’s Blakely Rocks Charity Race this year so our donation will be compounded.  We will have our name and logo on T-shirts and regatta posters etc,.  There is also a fund raising raffle at the Sloop in April for the foundation.  Good cause.  Peter will speak more about it and “Teaching the Next Gen How to Fly Across the Water” at our March meeting. 


In addition to our great annual February boat equipment auction, (more on that below) we had a presentation by Alfred Chan of Sailing Awaits LLC in Kenmore who is the new dealer for the German made MiniCat portable inflatable sailboat.  He actually set one up for us inside the club house.  Very interesting looking.  Looks like fun to sail from the website videos.  Here is the website:  Might be fun to stash away on a larger Multihull for blasting around the anchorage.


The highlight of the night was our auction of course.  As always there were great deals including a lightweight three horsepower outboard for $50.  


Next Month, March 5, as mentioned above Peter Nelson will speak about his organization MySail (youth multihull sailing) and “Teaching the Next Gen How to Fly Across the Water” at our March meeting.   I hope you can join us.


Eric Lindahl

206 525-8472

9562 Lakeshore Bvd. NE

Seattle, Washington 98115

Jan 8 - Jim Gallant presents his Hydrofoiling Trimaran - w/ Minutes Added

posted Dec 19, 2018, 1:43 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Feb 17, 2019, 5:25 PM ]

Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat. 

Northwest Multihull Association Meeting Minutes & Notes

Jan 8, 2019


We saw a lot of new faces this evening and several members from the past.  A number of folks made the trek from across the sound; Rick S, Tom S, Greg J and our presenter and his friend and boat helper.  After a nice potluck and gab session with friends old and new we started the brief business meeting.


Commodore Jeff rang the ships bell to get our attention and bring us to order.  He called for volunteers and nominations for this years club officers, contact him through the club email: if you are interested.   Jeff mentioned the perks of membership; discount at Fisheries Supply, Tools and equipment loaning library, Discount at Ballard Sails and free sail measuring for new PHRF racers.   He acknowledged Jonathon K’s donation of a laptop for the clubs video media presentations and that Jonathan is the new keeper of the clubs equipment; boat scale, storage racks/tent frame, boat stands, etc.   Discussion was had about a discounted safety at sea class for members.  Either we would organize one on our own or attend an existing class.  A sign up sheet was passed around for those interested in pursuing this.  


Treasurer Mark said the club is in good shape with $8000 in the kitty all ready for this years activities.  


Rick S announced that Larry Christiansen had passed away December 18th.  Larry designed and built the fastest boat (the trimaran Invictus) on the sound thru the 1970s and was a founding member of the club 50 years ago.  He was also an award winning roller skate dancer.  Rick will give a presentation about Larry, and stories of racing Invictus this Spring.  He brought a box of old photographs of Larry’s that members can peruse and take any number as a momento of Larry.  Commodore Jeff has these at his house now.  Rick will be at the meeting Feb 5 to speak more about Larry and show some pictures, presumably of his trimaran whipping around Puget Sound.  This will be a nice opportunity for our early members to come and share old stories and reflect on our 50 year history.


Peter Nelson, long time Hobie racer, spoke about his new 501c3 foundation, Multihull Youth Sailing, (MYsailing) to encourage 12-25 year old youths to transition into multihull sailing and racing.  It is the beneficiary of the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club’s Blakely Rocks Charity Race this year.  They are looking for a few more sponsors at the $500 level that will have names on T-shirts and regatta posters etc, Jan 31 deadline.  There is also a fund raising raffle at the Sloop in April for the foundation.  Good cause.  Peter will speak more about it and “Teaching the Next Gen How to Fly Across the Water” at our March meeting.  It was mentioned by a member that this is something that the club may wish to consider sponsoring.


This months great program was given by Jim Gallant of Liberty Bay who designed and built a fantastic 20’ foiling trimaran.  It was a miniature version of Hydropter, the record breaking, ~50’, 50 knot foiling trimaran of some 10-20 years ago.  Jim studied every picture of the beast and previous iterations that he could find.  He painstakingly scaled his plans off of those pictures.  He also took inspiration from Eric Taberly, Doug Halsy’s Broom Stick, and someone building crazy foilers in New Zealand named Gary Barjent, (I hope I got those names right).  After several years of building test boats, back yard engineering, and modifications he took it out and dang if it didn’t foil on its maiden voyage!  I loved the name of one test boat; “Best Guess”, and that some of his efforts used canoes, aluminum extension ladders, old beach cat hulls and stitch & glue creations for amas, akas and vakas.  Crazy cool thinking and vessels.  Since then he has sailed and foiled the most recent version extensively, loving every minute.  This was another amazing (and little known) story for our members to thoroughly enjoy.  Jim had lots of pictures, some videos and insight to his thoughts of the process, the build and foiling.  Very cool.  Thanks so much Jim, I want a ride!


Next month we will have our annual sailing equipment auction with 10% proceeds to the club.   Bring your stuff and we will get rid of it.  Feb 5.  I’ve seen lots of great deals in the past. Rick S will also have some words about Larry Christiansen and pictures of his remarkable trimaran Invictus.  Please come and join us.


Eric Lindahl

206 525-8472

9562 Lakeshore Bvd. NE

Seattle, Washington 98115

Dec 4 -- Holiday Party at Bill Quigley's House -- Minutes Attached

posted Nov 26, 2018, 1:23 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Dec 22, 2018, 1:52 PM ]

The club is providing Smoking Pete’s BBQ and refreshments including but not limited to a growler of Bodhizafa from Georgetown Brewing. 

Time -- 6:30 PM.

Location -- Bill's house near Latona (specific address sent out to listserve).  There's plenty of street parking and a couple of spaces in the driveway for anyone with mobility issues.

Non-Members are always welcome, just contact a member for the address.

Minutes:  We had a nice Holiday Party of about 25 -30 members, old and new.  I think Martyn and Linda came the farthest.  Bill had his large house festively decorated for Christmas and had a screen and system set up for members to show their years exploits.  I just handed him a thumb drive with a mash of stills and videos and somehow he did the magic, making the thing run mine and other member contributions in a loop all evening.  Nice set up to view, chat and eat, all at the same time.  It was fun to see everyone having a good time.  I did witness one serious conversation however with our new and old PHRF measurers passing on hard earned knowledge for the continuance of our racing program.  So we did get some business done.  Food was great and plentiful from Smoking Pete’s BBQ, and refreshments including but not limited to a growler of Bodhizafa from Georgetown Brewing.  Finished off with a variety of tasty pies to choose from.

Next month we will return to our regular format of a short informal meeting then a speaker.  So join us on January 8 (second Tuesday this month) where Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat.  -- Secretary Eric Lindahl

Nov 6 - Eric Lindahl presents “I Finally Made It To The Broughton Islands!” -- Minutes Attatched

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Eric has been small boat cruising all his life starting as a child in the 1950s on his parents 25’ wooden sloop.  But he never made it much past Desolation Sound.  Finally this year he got a hall pass and with his wife Marilyn and R2AK sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix took off for the wilds of the north in his speedy 31’ Corsair trimaran.  Come see what they found there.

Northwest Multihull Association Nov 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes 


We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At ~7:20 Commodore Jeff started the meeting by ringing the ships bell as is our quaint custom.   I like it.


These minutes may be a little sketchy as I was concentrating on getting the projector to work for my presentation after the meeting.  I apologize for any inaccuracy


I counted 22 souls present, some from an hour+ away, and a few who we hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a nice turn out.  Thanks for coming.  There were 2 young couples I hadn’t seen before, welcome Jessica and Shaun and Connie and Andrew.  We are glad you came by,   They were interested in multihulls and this writer made sure to say hello.  One has a San Juan 23 but is interested in a larger Fboat in a year or two.  The other has a Fiji 32.  


Commodore Jeff restated the benefits of club membership;  Fisheries Supply Discount, free sail measurement by Ballard Sails if you decide to race, Club tool library; which include industrial storage racks/temp enclosure frame, boat weighing scale, boat lifting straps, sailboat jack stands and members with every tool and area of expertise you might cajole out of them.  First year members are half price $30 to try us out.  Probably the food at the holiday party will pay for that.


Jeff then mentioned the possibility of sponsoring a Safety at Sea seminar.  These are commonly given to racers who are doing an offshore race but cruisers and fisherman also find it very beneficial, especially if you sail on our cold waterways.  As I recall the discussion centered around a partial subsidy to club members who want to participate.  Here is a local one I googled:  There is a discount for couples which is a real good idea.  A few in the meeting had been to one and highly recommended it to non racers as well.  This will be discussed further.  Let us know what you think.


Then Jeff called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact him via the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A (M). is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots.   Martyn gave us a few details/back ground on PIYA.


Treasurer Mark was absent so no report but nothing money wise as changed in the last month and I know the kitty is fatter because I finally remembered to give my membership check to Diane this evening.  Last month a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts was at $8382.  Annual dues are due (Sept to Sept IIRC).  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


Bill Q said that the club holiday party on Dec 4 is still on at his house and details will be sent out soon.  He has a nice large home in a leafy part of the U-District.  Discussion about catering and food was had.  Vince volunteered to help out with that.


Discussions will soon commence on next years schedule; sailing rendezvous, Poulsbo fireworks, Blake Island etc...  What would you like?  Let us know.


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Nice to hear about everyone and what boats they sail.


The evenings program was given by yours truly.  I’d completed a bucket list item in Sept to sail to the Broughton Islands. Our speaker wrangler asked if I wanted to tell the club about it.  Sure, I can do a slide show; (thought bubble: carousels and 2” white squares with dark cellulose in the center).  I had no idea how time consuming and confusing it would be to learn how to do this digitally.  With some last minute scrambling with techies Diane and Francois at the projection table it turned out well from some feed back I got.  Whew.  


A short recap is that I sailed from Seattle with my wife to Lund near Desolation Sound in about 4 days, (our multis do sail fast!).  Met my son & daughter in law there for a 5 day tour of that beloved warm water paradise.  Then I dropped the three of them back off at Lund to drive home.  My next crew, R2Aker Mark Dix, got a ride to Lund that day and for the next 17 days we sailed thru beautiful channels and rapids to the Broughton Islands.  They are even with the north tip of Vancouver Island, 275 miles from Seattle,   Then we turned around and bee-lined it back to Seattle.  It was a glorious trip with ~60-70% (timewise) sailing, but we don’t mind Zen sailing at 2 or 3 knots.  Maximum gust I saw was 21 knots.  Often it was perfect shirtsleeve sailing in 6-12 knots for hours on end, (much in the middle is not like ocean cold Puget Sound).  About half and half was beating and spinaker sailing.  Other times it was ghosting along in near glassy water next to timeless, age old wilderness cliffs and forests, pictographs and ancient First Nations camps.  One day could easily have been the best day of sailing in my life.  Enough gushing.  Go there some time.  Talk to me if you want advice/encouragement, I come to nearly every meeting.  It was not hard, we are both well past 60 years of age.


We concluded at around 10:00 but several of us hung around visiting til a bit later.  


Plan on coming to the Dec 4 party.


Speaker for the January 8:  Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat.

Oct 2 - R2AK Solo Attempt on a Tornado Beachcat plus Meeting Minutes

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Member Mark Dix will present his extensive boat modifications including adding a dual custom pedal drive to his Tornado beachcat in his solo attempt at doing the R2AK race to Alaska.  Also he will describe all his preparations and experiences accrued in this nautical equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.  

Northwest Multihull Association Oct 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes   

We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At 7:00 Vice Commodore Diane started the meeting as Commodore Jeff could not attend.  Diane mentioned that there is a crew slot available on a 44’ Farrier catamaran (with electric motors) sailing from San Francisco to San Diego.  Leaving ASAP.  Contact is or Cell. 604.961-4045.  


Diane called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact her or current club Commodore Jeff thru this email or the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. said he is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A. is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots. 


Treasurer Mark says we are in good shape with a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts at $8382.  He noted that annual dues are due.  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


No discussion was had about the December 4 meeting/party but last month Bill Quigley offered to host a holiday party and it that was approved by vote.  Probably should talk about it a bit next meeting. 


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Of note was the newest multihuller; Gabe and Karly have a new son named Sonny!  Congratulations!   Gabe will be documenting his Marples 35 build on instagram at SV Manxi.  Karly’s dad has a step grandson who builds websites and maybe he’ll help out Mark with the technology stuff.  We had several guests via our meeting notices on 48 North, Sailing Anarchy and Cruisers Forum including; Matt J. from R2AK team Take Me to the Volcano, Leo M. with a J27 who is thinking about doing the R2AK and Floyd M an early club member who sailed his Searunner trimaran around the world in the 1970s.  They all wanted to see Mark Dix’s presentation on his R2AK preparations and experiences.


Mark Dix gave a very entertaining and thorough run down on his R2AK adventure.  He’s been an active athlete all his life and this gave him the confidence to do the race.  He described his transition from “Could I Go” to “Should I Go” to “Will I Go” to Heck, yes!  His presentation covered lots of ground including his mental, nutritional, equipment and time needs, etc….  He decided to use what he had: a 20’ Tornado racing beach cat, (one of two he owns).  He described his process of strengthening it to meet the rigors of the race and how he built his custom pedal drives in his off time at the engineering firm he worked at.  Very cool precision, waterjet cut, custom, designed-by-him aluminum components.  He spent time discussing the weaknesses of his effort and how he will overcome them if he decides to give it another go.  In the end he had to abandon this year’s bid due to breakages at Hornby Island part way up Vancouver Island.  However he had an “interesting” time just getting there and it was very rewarding to sail back at a leisurely pace, meeting helpful people along the way, (the R2AK Participant logo on his hull was a magnet).  It was a very interesting presentation and the club thanks him for sharing.  We concluded at around 930 but several of us hung around visiting til quite a bit later.  


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018 where this writer was asked to give a slide show of his cruise to the Broughton Islands with first mate Marilyn then a crew swap at Lund BC to sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix to help push beyond the dreaded Seymour Narrows.  Hope you can come

Sept 4 -- End of Summer Show and Tell - Minutes attached

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           The speakers will be….  You, Me, and Us! Let’s hear about your sailing experiences. Please bring photos of your recent times out sailing, preferably on multihulls, favorite destinations, cruising, racing, building, anything boat-related, tall tales and true stories.  Photos can be on your PC, camera card, USB data stick, etc.  Club will provide a PC, projector, and universal camera card reader.  I hope you all enjoyed the summer.  Welcome back to NWMA!

Northwest Mutlihull Association Sept 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes     


Attendance was light as it often is in September.  We had a hearty pot luck meal where it was nice to have the option to be outside in the warm summer sun.  We caught up with each other until Bill’s son rang the bell to start the business part of the meeting. 


Commodore Jeff could not attend so Vice Commodore Diane ran the meeting.   There was discussion as to when we should have our annual  Holiday party/meeting, December 4 or January 1.  Or we could change the January date to the 8th to accommodate the holiday.  In the end the members voted to have it on Dec 4.  Both Bill Quigley and Jim and Paula Miller generously offered their houses to host the party.  Since Bills house is close to our normal meeting location we decided to have it there.  Jim and Paula then offered to host a summer party at their house.  That generated a lot of interest and it will be discussed further at later meetings.  So nice of them to offer.


Diane noted that the Port Townsend Wood Boat Festival is this weekend and there will be several multihull presentations there.  One is by the Canadian owner of the well built F9 Lotus, Peter as well as John Green another Fboater from Victoria.  Lots to see and do there and several of our members are going to be there, by car and by boat.


One member had problems with paying dues via Pay Pal but others had no problems.  Mark will look into this.  Pay Pal does take a cut so a check or cash at a meeting is preferred but you still have to fill out the form on the website.


Treasurer Mark reported the club account is holding steady at ~ $7600 but reminded members that dues run from September to September so its time to get on the website and renew.


Diane reported that a Canadian owner/builder of an F41 Catamaran needs crew to sail from Port Townsend to San Francisco around Sept 15.  He already has 2 experienced crew so the watches will be reasonable lengths.  Diane has contact info.


This concluded the short business meeting and as is our custom we went around the room and introduced ourselves and boat and said a little bit about what we have been up to.


As usual our Sept program is a show and tell about what we did this summer, cruising or otherwise:


Joel showed pics of his cruise on Bill’s boat in the San Juans.  He and his wife ticked off a lot of firsts on the trip and had a great time.  He also showed pics of his progress on his Marples 35 trimaran.  Hopefully to go in the water next summer.


Bill spoke about his various short trips with his kids and the fun they had with 5 boats/kayaks/boards stacked on his F32.


Steve showed samples of various fiberglass layups that he is considering for the hull skin of his 30’ frame proa. 


Todd described the joys of sailing out of Quartermaster Harbor in the South Sound.  He says it is quite convenient to his new West Seattle home.  


Francois had some nice pics of sailing out of Everett.  He met up with Martyn and Linda in Port Ludlow on their 36’ Catamaran.


The meeting concluded and many hung around chatting til it was time to put away the tables and chairs and head home.  Hope to see more of you at the October 2 meeting.

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