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Dec 4 -- Holiday Party at Bill Quigley's House

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The club is providing Smoking Pete’s BBQ and refreshments including but not limited to a growler of Bodhizafa from Georgetown Brewing. 

Time -- 6:30 PM.

Location -- Bill's house near Latona (specific address sent out to listserve).  There's plenty of street parking and a couple of spaces in the driveway for anyone with mobility issues.

Non-Members are always welcome, just contact a member for the address.

Nov 6 - Eric Lindahl presents “I Finally Made It To The Broughton Islands!” -- Minutes Attatched

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Eric has been small boat cruising all his life starting as a child in the 1950s on his parents 25’ wooden sloop.  But he never made it much past Desolation Sound.  Finally this year he got a hall pass and with his wife Marilyn and R2AK sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix took off for the wilds of the north in his speedy 31’ Corsair trimaran.  Come see what they found there.

Northwest Multihull Association Nov 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes 


We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At ~7:20 Commodore Jeff started the meeting by ringing the ships bell as is our quaint custom.   I like it.


These minutes may be a little sketchy as I was concentrating on getting the projector to work for my presentation after the meeting.  I apologize for any inaccuracy


I counted 22 souls present, some from an hour+ away, and a few who we hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a nice turn out.  Thanks for coming.  There were 2 young couples I hadn’t seen before, welcome Jessica and Shaun and Connie and Andrew.  We are glad you came by,   They were interested in multihulls and this writer made sure to say hello.  One has a San Juan 23 but is interested in a larger Fboat in a year or two.  The other has a Fiji 32.  


Commodore Jeff restated the benefits of club membership;  Fisheries Supply Discount, free sail measurement by Ballard Sails if you decide to race, Club tool library; which include industrial storage racks/temp enclosure frame, boat weighing scale, boat lifting straps, sailboat jack stands and members with every tool and area of expertise you might cajole out of them.  First year members are half price $30 to try us out.  Probably the food at the holiday party will pay for that.


Jeff then mentioned the possibility of sponsoring a Safety at Sea seminar.  These are commonly given to racers who are doing an offshore race but cruisers and fisherman also find it very beneficial, especially if you sail on our cold waterways.  As I recall the discussion centered around a partial subsidy to club members who want to participate.  Here is a local one I googled:  There is a discount for couples which is a real good idea.  A few in the meeting had been to one and highly recommended it to non racers as well.  This will be discussed further.  Let us know what you think.


Then Jeff called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact him via the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A (M). is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots.   Martyn gave us a few details/back ground on PIYA.


Treasurer Mark was absent so no report but nothing money wise as changed in the last month and I know the kitty is fatter because I finally remembered to give my membership check to Diane this evening.  Last month a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts was at $8382.  Annual dues are due (Sept to Sept IIRC).  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


Bill Q said that the club holiday party on Dec 4 is still on at his house and details will be sent out soon.  He has a nice large home in a leafy part of the U-District.  Discussion about catering and food was had.  Vince volunteered to help out with that.


Discussions will soon commence on next years schedule; sailing rendezvous, Poulsbo fireworks, Blake Island etc...  What would you like?  Let us know.


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Nice to hear about everyone and what boats they sail.


The evenings program was given by yours truly.  I’d completed a bucket list item in Sept to sail to the Broughton Islands. Our speaker wrangler asked if I wanted to tell the club about it.  Sure, I can do a slide show; (thought bubble: carousels and 2” white squares with dark cellulose in the center).  I had no idea how time consuming and confusing it would be to learn how to do this digitally.  With some last minute scrambling with techies Diane and Francois at the projection table it turned out well from some feed back I got.  Whew.  


A short recap is that I sailed from Seattle with my wife to Lund near Desolation Sound in about 4 days, (our multis do sail fast!).  Met my son & daughter in law there for a 5 day tour of that beloved warm water paradise.  Then I dropped the three of them back off at Lund to drive home.  My next crew, R2Aker Mark Dix, got a ride to Lund that day and for the next 17 days we sailed thru beautiful channels and rapids to the Broughton Islands.  They are even with the north tip of Vancouver Island, 275 miles from Seattle,   Then we turned around and bee-lined it back to Seattle.  It was a glorious trip with ~60-70% (timewise) sailing, but we don’t mind Zen sailing at 2 or 3 knots.  Maximum gust I saw was 21 knots.  Often it was perfect shirtsleeve sailing in 6-12 knots for hours on end, (much in the middle is not like ocean cold Puget Sound).  About half and half was beating and spinaker sailing.  Other times it was ghosting along in near glassy water next to timeless, age old wilderness cliffs and forests, pictographs and ancient First Nations camps.  One day could easily have been the best day of sailing in my life.  Enough gushing.  Go there some time.  Talk to me if you want advice/encouragement, I come to nearly every meeting.  It was not hard, we are both well past 60 years of age.


We concluded at around 10:00 but several of us hung around visiting til a bit later.  


Plan on coming to the Dec 4 party.


Speaker for the January 8:  Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat.

Oct 2 - R2AK Solo Attempt on a Tornado Beachcat plus Meeting Minutes

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Member Mark Dix will present his extensive boat modifications including adding a dual custom pedal drive to his Tornado beachcat in his solo attempt at doing the R2AK race to Alaska.  Also he will describe all his preparations and experiences accrued in this nautical equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.  

Northwest Multihull Association Oct 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes   

We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At 7:00 Vice Commodore Diane started the meeting as Commodore Jeff could not attend.  Diane mentioned that there is a crew slot available on a 44’ Farrier catamaran (with electric motors) sailing from San Francisco to San Diego.  Leaving ASAP.  Contact is or Cell. 604.961-4045.  


Diane called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact her or current club Commodore Jeff thru this email or the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. said he is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A. is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots. 


Treasurer Mark says we are in good shape with a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts at $8382.  He noted that annual dues are due.  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


No discussion was had about the December 4 meeting/party but last month Bill Quigley offered to host a holiday party and it that was approved by vote.  Probably should talk about it a bit next meeting. 


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Of note was the newest multihuller; Gabe and Karly have a new son named Sonny!  Congratulations!   Gabe will be documenting his Marples 35 build on instagram at SV Manxi.  Karly’s dad has a step grandson who builds websites and maybe he’ll help out Mark with the technology stuff.  We had several guests via our meeting notices on 48 North, Sailing Anarchy and Cruisers Forum including; Matt J. from R2AK team Take Me to the Volcano, Leo M. with a J27 who is thinking about doing the R2AK and Floyd M an early club member who sailed his Searunner trimaran around the world in the 1970s.  They all wanted to see Mark Dix’s presentation on his R2AK preparations and experiences.


Mark Dix gave a very entertaining and thorough run down on his R2AK adventure.  He’s been an active athlete all his life and this gave him the confidence to do the race.  He described his transition from “Could I Go” to “Should I Go” to “Will I Go” to Heck, yes!  His presentation covered lots of ground including his mental, nutritional, equipment and time needs, etc….  He decided to use what he had: a 20’ Tornado racing beach cat, (one of two he owns).  He described his process of strengthening it to meet the rigors of the race and how he built his custom pedal drives in his off time at the engineering firm he worked at.  Very cool precision, waterjet cut, custom, designed-by-him aluminum components.  He spent time discussing the weaknesses of his effort and how he will overcome them if he decides to give it another go.  In the end he had to abandon this year’s bid due to breakages at Hornby Island part way up Vancouver Island.  However he had an “interesting” time just getting there and it was very rewarding to sail back at a leisurely pace, meeting helpful people along the way, (the R2AK Participant logo on his hull was a magnet).  It was a very interesting presentation and the club thanks him for sharing.  We concluded at around 930 but several of us hung around visiting til quite a bit later.  


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018 where this writer was asked to give a slide show of his cruise to the Broughton Islands with first mate Marilyn then a crew swap at Lund BC to sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix to help push beyond the dreaded Seymour Narrows.  Hope you can come

Sept 4 -- End of Summer Show and Tell - Minutes attached

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           The speakers will be….  You, Me, and Us! Let’s hear about your sailing experiences. Please bring photos of your recent times out sailing, preferably on multihulls, favorite destinations, cruising, racing, building, anything boat-related, tall tales and true stories.  Photos can be on your PC, camera card, USB data stick, etc.  Club will provide a PC, projector, and universal camera card reader.  I hope you all enjoyed the summer.  Welcome back to NWMA!

Northwest Mutlihull Association Sept 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes     


Attendance was light as it often is in September.  We had a hearty pot luck meal where it was nice to have the option to be outside in the warm summer sun.  We caught up with each other until Bill’s son rang the bell to start the business part of the meeting. 


Commodore Jeff could not attend so Vice Commodore Diane ran the meeting.   There was discussion as to when we should have our annual  Holiday party/meeting, December 4 or January 1.  Or we could change the January date to the 8th to accommodate the holiday.  In the end the members voted to have it on Dec 4.  Both Bill Quigley and Jim and Paula Miller generously offered their houses to host the party.  Since Bills house is close to our normal meeting location we decided to have it there.  Jim and Paula then offered to host a summer party at their house.  That generated a lot of interest and it will be discussed further at later meetings.  So nice of them to offer.


Diane noted that the Port Townsend Wood Boat Festival is this weekend and there will be several multihull presentations there.  One is by the Canadian owner of the well built F9 Lotus, Peter as well as John Green another Fboater from Victoria.  Lots to see and do there and several of our members are going to be there, by car and by boat.


One member had problems with paying dues via Pay Pal but others had no problems.  Mark will look into this.  Pay Pal does take a cut so a check or cash at a meeting is preferred but you still have to fill out the form on the website.


Treasurer Mark reported the club account is holding steady at ~ $7600 but reminded members that dues run from September to September so its time to get on the website and renew.


Diane reported that a Canadian owner/builder of an F41 Catamaran needs crew to sail from Port Townsend to San Francisco around Sept 15.  He already has 2 experienced crew so the watches will be reasonable lengths.  Diane has contact info.


This concluded the short business meeting and as is our custom we went around the room and introduced ourselves and boat and said a little bit about what we have been up to.


As usual our Sept program is a show and tell about what we did this summer, cruising or otherwise:


Joel showed pics of his cruise on Bill’s boat in the San Juans.  He and his wife ticked off a lot of firsts on the trip and had a great time.  He also showed pics of his progress on his Marples 35 trimaran.  Hopefully to go in the water next summer.


Bill spoke about his various short trips with his kids and the fun they had with 5 boats/kayaks/boards stacked on his F32.


Steve showed samples of various fiberglass layups that he is considering for the hull skin of his 30’ frame proa. 


Todd described the joys of sailing out of Quartermaster Harbor in the South Sound.  He says it is quite convenient to his new West Seattle home.  


Francois had some nice pics of sailing out of Everett.  He met up with Martyn and Linda in Port Ludlow on their 36’ Catamaran.


The meeting concluded and many hung around chatting til it was time to put away the tables and chairs and head home.  Hope to see more of you at the October 2 meeting.

June 5 “Hardship” by Spike Kane

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Spike Kane spoke about his sailing history in Puget Sound and offshore, of boat building and living aboard, his kayak instructing and guiding.

Then he spoke about the accident in 2005 where he suffered a high spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the arms down. After a long rehab his accomplishments have continued. Besides winning at International adaptive surfing events he wanted to participate in the 2016 Race to Alaska on his F27 Trimaran 'Alula'. It's an inspiring story of how he assembled a crew of two friends who are also disabled and then persevered in their quest to reach Ketchikan, AK.

For those that missed it, you should watch the 20 minute CNN documentary video:  Hard Ship

And read the Sail magazine article:  3 Disabled Sailors Race to Alaska

May 1 -- From the Rivers of South America to Proa Palindrome w/ Meeting Minutes attached

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 The 2012-2014 cruise of Ginny and Steve Ladd in the rivers of South America and how that has led them to their next boat, which is a proa in progress.  Here's Steve and Ginny's route :

Northwest Multihull Association May 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes     


Most of us show up for the pot luck at 630 and enjoy catching up with each other.  There is never enough time to talk with everyone as much as we’d like.  There are so many folks with interesting stories, especially our presenter (see below).  For show and tell Mark brought components of his pedal drive for his entry in the full race R2AK in a 20’ Tornado (I guess thats easier than his previous leg-one crossings on a sailboard).  We oogled the high tech alloy parts he designed then cut with high pressure water jets at work.  It will be fun to send him off from Pt Townsend at the June 14 dawn start.  Its a great all day event the day before too, seeing all the boats and crews.


Commodore Jeff started the meeting mentioning that there is a lot of info on the internet about our presenter Steve Ladd’s explorations through S. America on his small boats.   He extended an invitation to our many talented members to volunteer on whatever committee that interests them, especially tech types to help with the website.  But also Cruising, Racing, Rendezvous, Social, Speaker wrangling, etc….  Let Jeff know via the website or email.  He also called for members to send him pictures and write ups of your sailing adventures.  Even if they are from long ago.  He’s been conversing with Sail Sand Point as to how the clubs can help each other.  The aim is to feed each other folks who are interested in our respective activities.  For us getting kids and adults in their learning programs interested in our bigger boats; the next step.  We’ve bought SSP a Hobie Wave catamaran in the past and maybe another is worthy of discussion.  We could also have a club volunteer work day where we can help them repair and set up boats in their fleet.  Or send our kids, grandkids to their excellent sailing programs, (I’ve known 2 of their high school age instructors from our neighborhood)  Jeff will keep us posted on the discussions.


Jeff mentioned another benefit of the club is our lending cache.  We have 4 boat stands, a load cell for accurately weighing boats and some industrial racking that Martyn and Linda donated to the club which has been used as a temp tent framework for boat work and can carry very heavy loads for lifting, moving and weighing pretty big vessels.  They are 14’ high.  Contact him for more info via the website of the google group we have.  He didn’t say but I suppose Ballard Sails would still honor their offer to measure sails for club members who are interested in racing PHRF.


Then our new members Jon and Lesley were introduced.  They just bought a cool Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran.  Welcome.  They offered to display our club banner as they will be participating in the Opening Day boat parade this Saturday May 5.  


Dan our Cruising Captain is still working on a schedule.  He also spoke for Vince our Race Captain who requests that you send him RSVP for the Everett Rally on May 11, 12, 13.  They need to know how much food they need to buy.  Email RSVP or call:,(206) 909-5655.  See NWMA website for details of our big event.


Mark O. our Treasurer reported $7143 in the account and that we are in good shape.  He is looking for someone to donate an old laptop to the club.  The one they are using for our club presenters has a near dead battery and is very old.  He said anything you may have lying around will be a better unit.  Please give him a call if you can donate one: 206 937-7454 


We the went around the room to introduce ourselves and say what we are up to, as is our custom.  I recall a couple of interesting comments:  Todd said he sailed in Columbia last month.  Keith is jonesing for a big cat to go cruising in.  Mark D has entered the R2AK and in a dead run to get everything ready.  Joel is making progress on his Marples 35 and there is a link on the website to his blog.  Scott from the new Corsair dealer told us a bit about Wright Yachts entry in the R2AK with a not yet delivered Corsair 970 and Northwest Yachting Magazine’s participation and hope to garner some publicity for our club.  I think it was Scott who mentioned Weta’s and prompted a discussion as to how many of them are around.  It seems there are several from the response.  As an aside I heard there is a Mainecat 41 that was rescued from the hurricane in Texas for sale ~100K.  It still needs a rig and sails and probably more.   Steve, the multihull guy from Reno can put you on to this; multihuler at aol dot com.  He’s advertised it on a few forums and It’d be cool if someone up here wanted it.  Anyone want to go partners?????


Jeff then introduced our presenter Steve Ladd.  His is currently working on reconfiguring a 30’ proa orphaned in Pt Townsend after the first R2AK for more adventures.  But, oh boy, are his South American adventures fascinating to hear and ask questions about.  His first was solo in 1993 in a 12’ open boat from Montana to the rivers of South America and back to Florida!  Yeah, you read that right.  He wrote a book:  Three Years on a 12’ Boat, you’ll find it on Amazon.  But he spent most of the evening talking about his big trip, 2009-14.  He and his wife spent 5 years sailing a 21 foot, 7 inch draft lee boarder from; Florida to Cuba, Belize, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela then down rivers huge and small from the top of S. America to Buenos Aries!  LOOK AT A MAP!, (sorry for shouting).  Then he sailed back up a different system of rivers where his wife had a baby in central Brazil, then the 3 continued up to the Amazon and out to the Atlantic where his wife and newborn son flew home to Bremerton.  Then he single handed, hand steering, (no auto pilot or wind vane) up the east and north coast of S. America to Trinidad, the windward islands, etc, where he was surprised by a sneaker wave and shipwrecked on the eastern most part of Dominican Republic.   All with portages and piloting made up on the fly often needing that skinny 7" draft.  They made their own charts from google earth as there are none for the smaller and remote rivers!  Amazing, no one had ever done that before, though his inspiration stemmed from Dan and son Dana Starkell from Winnipeg who did a smaller but still amazing 1980’s voyage in northern South America.  I can’t tell all his amazing story here but he has a well written blog where you can read all about it and plenty of other stuff about him on the interwebs.  Just google the adventures of Ginny and Steve and you will have reading and dreaming for all next winter.  I will post a map of his big trip below.  You really need to look in on his blog.  See the map attached below.


Next month June 5 Spike Kane will tell us about his amazing 2016 R2AK race on his F27 Trimaran.  I’ve known Spike for a while and it will be an inspiring talk for sure.  Unfortunately I will be gone but I hope you can make it.  I’ll also add that after our summer break our first meeting will be Oct 2 where Mark Dix mentioned above will tell how he won the 2018 R2AK on his Tornado……  See NW Multihull Association website for location and details.  Guests are always welcome.


Eric Lindahl

April 3 - “America’s Cup: Past and Future” by Tom Speer -- With Meeting Minutes Appended

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Our always interesting and informative member, Tom Speer, will present an inside look at the America’s Cup: Past and Future.  Tom was a member of the Oracle design team for several campaigns and so has a very interesting inside view of the America's Cup.  Of particular interest will be a look at what the Kiwi's will be doing to define the future America's Cup campaign.

Northwest Mutlihull Association April 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes     


As always the first order of business was a nice gab session as we consumed the pot luck goodies for dinner.  Its a good mix of home made and last minute store bought food that stretches the palette.  Yum.  Again, not enough time to talk to everyone.  So many good interesting people to visit with.


Commodore Jeff started the short meeting with a reminder of the club benefits, (besides seeing all the cool people here): Ballard Sails winter discounts on new sail purchases!  Winter is now gone so maybe no longer applicable, check and see.  But they will measure your sails for free if you are new to racing and need a PHRF certificate.  Also our Fisheries Supply discount.  He then extended an invitation our many talented members to volunteer on whatever committee that interests them; Cruising, Racing, Rendezvous, Website/tech work, Social, Speaker wrangling, etc….  Let Jeff know.  He also called for members to send him pictures and write ups on your sailing adventures.  Even if they are from long ago.  We have a rich history and newish members like me love to read more of it.  By the way, I noticed there is a lot of new content on the site, entertaining race write-ups, a print version of Matt and Tricias presentation to the club of sailing their 42’ Ouremer catamaran from Tahiti to Seattle, (click “view more” in the first column then scroll down the March 3 entry), etc..…  If you haven’t dropped in in that last month then go have a look.


Jeff mentioned the invitation of the Hobie Fleet to race with them this Saturday the 7th around Mercer Island.  The I-90 bridge clearance is only 29’ so just the smallest Farrier (or other) boats will be able to sail with the Hobies.  They will provide a different course for taller boats to sail 1/2 way around the island then turn around and come back to the finish while the small boats will continue on the circumnavigation.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest except for a few Wetas as the popular Blakely Rock race is going on at the same time.  I wish I’d thought to have a show of hands of any others who planned to sail with the Hobies.  dang  (edited the race was cancelled due to gale winds forecast)


We then went around the room introducing ourselves as usual.  Many new faces:  An F24 trimaran owner  from France who was in Seattle for a job interview and just happened to see our meeting announcement.  I didn’t get his name but he would join the club if he gets the job!  Rick S. had an old F27 mainsail for free if someone wanted it.  Brandon from Olympia is looking at buying an F31.  We had quite a few long time members show up, maybe to visit our presenter Tom Speer who is also a long time member.  It is always interesting to put names on faces and talk to those that I’ve heard about but I’ve never, or rarely meet up with. 


David M. wanted to know who and when are folks planning to cruise up north.  This started a discussion on how to meet up.  Maybe a graphic or calendar on the website where folks can add their cruising plans and time frame via our web administrator.  Or specifying a time, date and channel to monitor on VHF.  Or using the Puget Sound Cruisers Club protocol of Channel 69.  (A former PSCC commodore was with us tonight).   I guess we should have delegated the Cruising Committee to come up with something, hopefully they will. 


Mark, our Treasurer, gave us his short report of $7400 in the account which is a little up from last month and puts us in good position for coming seasons activities.  If you haven’t joined up this year please do so to support the cause.  Info on how to join is on the web site.


Dan our Cruising Committee Chair mentioned a survey for members to fill out but it has some bugs and they need to be ironed out first.  He will keep us posted for when it is ready.


The meeting over, our main event began with Tom Speer’s recap of the Americas Cup and what the future holds.  The following is a bit of a ramble of some things I remember (not guaranteed to be accurate)  He started with an interesting history of the cup mentioning that the boat America which first won the cup in 1851 was a blockade runner for the confederates in the civil war and ended up in a shed in 1945 when a snow storm collapsed the roof and it was declared non salvageable.  Then he ran down the ~6 or 8 boat configurations/rules over the next century.  The AC 34 in SanFrancisco won 2 Emmy awards for the lay line, etc, overlay graphics.  Much harder on a waterway than a football field’s first down marker.  They used a GPS accurate to within 1 inch!!!!  It also allowed the game changing way penalties were detected and assessed. He gave a recap of just what Oracle did to make the amazing came back from an 8:1 deficit in 2013.  The rough 72’ catamaran mold was built in SFO then shipped to Janacke Industries in Sedro Woolley where is was machined to perfection then shipped back to SFO where the boat was molded.  There was lots of technical talk of how stability was achieved in foiling and with tangents to of the origin of foiling, ultimate limits of speed (due to cavitation) etc.  Fascinating and every sentence brought up another question in my head which was exploding  trying to understand and keep up.  Tom ended with his thoughts on the new monohull boat for the AC36 in New Zealand in 2020.  He mentioned that the final rule announcement came out just a few days ago so he was able to give us some of his initial analysis of speed and limitations.  There was a comment that it is more like a catamaran as it has main foils on each side….  The foils swing ~90 degrees (my guess) from fully out to the side to tucked up under the hull, like a twin bilge keeler,  I wanted to ask if it could take the ground on a low tide, but didn’t want to interrupt.  Ha ha)  The foils will be weighted with ballast to conform to the rule to provide stability.  They’re tucked under the hull when not sailing, otherwise it would roll over due to the limit on beam.  He took questions for a long time after his video laced presentation with much interesting, wide ranging, high speed sailing discussion.  I asked what the sailors thought about the mono hull and he said they are all multihull converts and are generally not happy with the new boat but they are pros and will give full measure to their employers.  Well those are the random thoughts that came to mind as I typed, I wish I could remember it all.  I hope he stays up on the next AC, (he did say he’d be open to consulting) so we can hear what he has to say about that contest.


Next month May 1 Ginny and Steve Ladd will tell us about their 2012-2014 cruise of in the rivers of South America and how that has led them to their next boat, which is a proa in progress.  I hope you can make it then.  As I will be gone in June I’ll also add that on June 5 Spike Kane will tell us about his amazing R2AK race on his F27 Trimaran.  I hope you can make it to both presentation to hear these inspiring people.  See NW Multihull Association website for location and details.  Guests are always welcome.

Eric Lindahl

206 525-8472

9562 Lakeshore Bvd. NE

Seattle, Washington 98115

March 6 Meeting Minutes/Notes by Secretary Eric Lindahl

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Big turn out this month for our 6:30 potluck and the ensuing program.  Lots of visiting while chowing down, as always, and never enough time to spend a proper amount with everyone.  There were a couple new members, several guests and special guests from Ballard Sails, Wright Yachts and Northwest Yachting Magazine.  Commodore Jeff called the meeting to order and spent a few minutes describing the financial benefits (discounts at vendors) of club membership.  Then he encouraged members to submit stories/content for the website, asked for volunteers to help with the technical aspects of our electronic media.  He introduced our special guests and program presenters with a few words.  They were:


Ballard Sails; has offered very generous winter discounts to club members on new sail purchases!  The discounts are up to 15% off in early winter and decrease to 10% towards the Spring.  I missed getting the dates but call them and they will set you straight.  Also if you are needing sails measured to start racing in PHRF they have offered to do this for club members for free!  Ballard Sails folks have visited us before but tonight we met their rigger Rhys Balmer who also is a sailing instructor.  Lets support them with our business.


Wright Yachts is the new Corsair trimaran dealer for our area and is sponsoring a brand new Corsair 970 in the Race to Alaska.  3 of the 4 crew were our guests and it was fun talking to them.  They are looking for rides on F31s to sharpen their multihull skills and crew work as their boat has not arrived from the factory yet.  Contact Commodore Jeff if you can offer them a ride.


Finally Northwest Yachting Magazine was represented by Editor Norris Comer.  He is also racing with the Wright Yachts team and will be documenting the experience.   He’s hoping to bring our club a little publicity as well.


We went around the room introducing ourselves as usual.  We met new members, also a guy building a 36’ aluminum proa, a 2016 R2AK participant on an F24, Marcus with an F24, John with a Corsair Pulse 600 and Jonathan with a new to him F24 as well as several other new and interesting folks.   


Mark our Treasurer gave us his short report of $7340 in the account which has held steady so we are in a good position for this coming seasons activities.  


The main highlight for the evening was Matt and Tricia’s great presentation of their journeys of the past 3-1/2 years.  They have been members for quite a while and Matt had his F31 trimaran Tumbleweed for 15 years, even living aboard it at Shilshole for a while.  In 2014 he and Tricia decided to sell nearly everything and trailer the F31 to Florida for an extended trip in the Bahamas.  Then they sold it back east and bought a 42’ Outremer catamaran in Tahiti, eventually sailing it back to Seattle.  They will be cruising the Salish Sea this summer, if you see them go by and say hi.  Here is their blog;   It does not have the leg from Hawaii to Seattle just yet; you shoulda “been there” (at the meeting) for that part of the tale.  It was so good that when they finished a spontaneous applause erupted for sharing their wonderful story.  That was a very nice.


Next month, April 2nd, will also prove to be a popular presentation.  Come at 630 for the pot luck dinner or ~ 700 pm for the presentation:  Tom Speer is a club member but also has been neck deep in making significant contributions to the wing design on Larry Ellison’s various Americas Cup boats.  He will be here to give us the inside scoop of the recent Americas Cups and what the future looks like for the next AC to be sailed in mono hulls, (gasp).  Tom has given us presentations in the past and though he can be as geeky and technical as you can possibly imagine his inside knowledge is very interesting and he is an entertaining speaker.  We’re really looking forward to this.  I hope you can come; for the potluck or just the program.  Guests are always welcome.








Eric Lindahl

March 6 Meeting PDFs of Tropical Cruising Talk by Matt & Tricia Daniel

posted Feb 10, 2018, 7:45 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Apr 17, 2018, 3:26 PM ]

Two Puget Sound sailors embarked on a journey to explore far away and warm places.  Departing from Seattle with their 31’ trailerable trimaran they explored the Bahamas until they heard tell of their dream cruising boat lying in Tahiti. They switched to a new boat and a new ocean. This presentation explains the chances and rewards of the journey from Tahiti home to Seattle in numerous pictures and tales.  Northwest Multihull Association meeting. Potluck starts at 6:30 pm, then club meeting, then presentation will start at 7:30 or 8:00.  Non-members are always welcome.  At Puget Sound Yacht Club on Lake Union,  2321 N Northlake Way, Seattle

Feb. 6 - Annual Auction of Sailing Gear and Garage Sale

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Here's your chance for some early spring cleaning. Bring your used gear here to sell, and be ready to bid on some great gear! (payable by cash or check) If you're a seller please pick a sales price and designate whether you want anywhere from 10% to 100% of the sale to go to the club as a donation.  Again our own Martin Adams will be the auctioneer.  It is always an interesting and entertaining event.

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