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April 7 -- Virtual ZOOM Meeting w/ Minutes Attached

posted Mar 17, 2020, 5:16 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Apr 10, 2020, 7:15 PM ]
The April meeting will be online using Zoom!


After ensuring your system and Zoom are working correctly -- at 6:30 for the Virtual Potluck (with program following at 7) use the ‘Join Now’ at the bottom of Andrews e-mailed announcement, or open Zoom and put in Meeting ID: 343 824 774



- Update/slideshow from Joel and Patty on progress on their Marples trimaran build in Napa, CA.


- Update/slideshow from Mark and Elke on their "endless summer" in La Ventana, MX. including time with Matt and Tricia.


- A preview of October's meeting -- Voyaging Chesapeake Bay to Alaska with Joe and Sue Dazey.


Something new this month was a Zoom online meeting due to the Covid 19 restrictions.  The meeting was set up by Bill Q as he’s had experience with Zoom thru work.  There were easy instructions for us non techies to get onboard.  It worked much better than this writer anticipated.  There was little background noise, virtually no one was talking over each other and there was no delay of sound vs video so a speakers lips matched the words.  It seemed pretty normal and natural.  The only issue is that viewers reported that at least some of the videos shown came out as a series of stills lasting a few seconds at a time.


We all got on Zoom at 6:30 and caught up with each other just like our normal pre-meeting potlucks at the Yacht Club.  This was great because we had members in Mexico and other areas further from Seattle.  It was nice to catch up with them where it wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 


Commodore Scott started the brief meeting portion with a synopsis of Point Roberts Race Week.  His employer Wright Yachts (Corsair Dealer) is sponsoring the Corsair Trimaran National Championships in concurrence with the event.  So far it is still scheduled and a meeting to review that status will occur in mid April.  Race to Alaska( R2AK) is still on.  Diane mentioned that our club still has the Port Townsend Yacht Club reserved the evening before the race for our June meeting.  Discussion began on what was happening with Marine Parks.  Scott mentioned that the Blake Island Harbor was closed but boats were tying up to the moorings and anchoring off the island.  It wasn’t said whether boaters were going ashore but the Island does have a caretaker.  Boat ramps seemed to be open but activity on them is down.  


There was discussion about having all meetings posted live or even participatory for those that can’t make the drive to Seattle.  Scott will look into that.  It would be a great idea after experiencing this evenings meeting.


The meeting ended with a few announcements:  Wayne E reported that Scott B bought Kirby’s Corsair F31AC Trimaran.  Scott’s F27 presumably will now be for sale when he is finished with some refit projects.  Brenden R is still looking for the right F31 trimaran.  Andrew and Connie are still making preparations to enter the R2AK.  Jeff O is also doing so with a breakneck pace to finish his upgrades.  Hopefully the race will come off but Canada has to give the thumbs up not just the USA.  


Since we couldn’t meet in person Vice Commodore Diane lined up 3 presenters this month to show pictures and speak about their recent activities.  First was Joel and Patty with their Marples 35 trimaran build.  Their project is very cool as it harkens back to the days and reasons when and why this club was formed as a buying cooperative.  Back then many people were avidly building the original Horstman, Piver, Brown, Cross, etc…plywood trimarans to sail off into the sunset.  This boat was started by member David Vinson on Vashon Island who passed away unexpectedly.   Joel and Patty bought the hulls and hardware and are now nearly ready to launch, hopefully in July.   They’d been living aboard on the hard in Woodenville since last May and in November moved the pieces down to sunny Napa Valley Marina to finish up.  They showed us pictures of the pastoral rural surroundings and of the various parts of the project they have accomplished.  They ordered crazy amounts of gear, (like a drunken sailor as Joel put it), a few weeks ago thinking that Covid 19 might shut down things and they would be stranded on the hard with no parts to complete the boat and nothing to do but pay yard rent.  I enjoyed hearing about the custom Beta 35 engine they just barely got from England in only 3 weeks, and how they shoehorned it into the engine bay using a hand rasp to make just a bit more clearance past a bulkhead.  Also about Joel’s construction of the trapezoid ice box for the 4 amp Isotherm FB unit that uses a sink drain to cool the refrigerant.  They ordered 1000 watts of solar panels and 4 expen$ive lithium batteries.  Patty has done an amazing job decorating and painting the boat with all kinds of beautiful artful touches, including sewing window covers, canvas and clears for the hard dodger that Joel built.  Her work reminds me of the toll paintings my mother in law used to do, but more modern and with an asian feel.  Joel is consummate engineer and builder.  He is truly gifted at designing, building and fitting all the curvy hard parts together.  It was fun to hear Patty and Joel explain the details of the build pictures they were showing us on our computer screens.   You really have to look at their site.  They are on Instagram at sv.manxi and Facebook at manxisv but here is a link to an article and a few photos about them.


We transitioned into Joe and Sue D’s presentation about their 48’ Chris White catamaran.  They bought it in Florida several years ago, sailed between the Caribbean and the the Chesapeake, then sailed through the Panama canal, up to Alaska and back down to Seattle.  They have bought a house in Poulsbo, near their old stomping grounds and are planning new adventures.  I won’t go any further as they will be the presenters at our October meeting.  Hopefully we can all gather together in person then.  


Last but not least Mark D. showed pictures of his winter kite foiling home near La Paz Mexico.  He’s been going down there for 17 years and he and Elke have a nice home near the beach.  He showed pictures of camp cruising his ~20’ Tornado beach cat, swimming with whale sharks, kite foiling, mountain biking and an extended weekend on long gone cruising members, Matt and Tricia’s 42’ Outremer catamaran who are currently living aboard in La Paz.  Matt joined us for the meeting and it was good to hear from him.  Usually Mark and Elke return to Seattle around this time of year but they are staying til “we get rid of the Corona virus up there”.  Mark’s videos are the ones that came out to us as a series of still shots but they are “in the cloud” and he will send a link to them via the clubs google group.  Keep a look out for them, beautiful stuff to peruse.


We ended the meeting thanking the presenters as well as Bill, Scott and Diane for setting this Zoom meeting up.  It worked out really well and was fun to hear about everyone.  In fact it may have been more efficient than a real meeting because we all got to hear about what each of us are up to.  There were no isolated conversation groups as what happens at our potlucks.  If you are a little hesitant about this you are free to turn off your video and audio so we don’t see or hear you but you can see and hear everything that goes on.  I encourage any one to join in next month.  With a final wave good bye to each other on the multi thumbnail face shot screens we hit the end button.    Hopefully we can have a real meeting in May.  


Eric Lindahl