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Club Meeting Jan 7th, 2014

posted Jan 8, 2014, 7:49 PM by A Rice   [ updated Jan 10, 2014, 10:26 AM ]

Tom Speer, Team Oracle USA, discussed some technical aspects of design and performance for the AC72's. I asked if he would provide a synopsis and several of his slides.

"I tried to let the club know what it was like to have witnessed from the inside, the greatest regatta in America's Cup history.  Starting with where my last talk to the NWMA left off at the start of the campaign, I did a recap of the AC45 racing and the development of foiling techniques.

Then I talked about the development of the AC72, starting with the tribulations of Boat 1 (broken foil, capsize) and the recovery.  Not all the action was on the water with all the boat building that went on at the base and family events that were thrown at the team.

Then on to the launch of Boat 2, the death of Andrew Simpson, and two-boat testing leading up to the start of the racing in the Challenger Selection Series. 

I didn't cover much of the sailing itself in the America's Cup Finals regatta because that is much better seen through the videos on YouTube.  However, I did hit some of the highlights of the racing, and I gave a detailed explanation of the technical changes that were made to the boat after race 5, when OTUSA played the postponement card.  Finally I talked about the daggerboard rake control system that was in place before the racing started and was unchanged throughout the America's Cup regatta.

By far, most of the improvement was due to crew technique.

And we know the result!

Tom, thanks for a fantastic presentation. Very informative!