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Commodore’s Message - MEETING Tuesday, October 6th

posted Sep 3, 2015, 8:37 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 10:52 PM ]

No getting around it folks, fall is here.   For me, it comes with a measure of regret.   We did not get the summer cruise this year.  We skipped Cow bay, and I pulled out of the Northern Century at the last minute.  All because of too much work.  We did have a great Swiftsure though.


So – on to Club business.  We skipped the September meeting this year, as it is so close to the Holiday weekend, which does give us a little time to get organized for the year. 


Our first meeting will be Tuesday October 6th, and will be a social and organizational meeting. 


We will start the meeting with the election of officers.


 I am retiring from the office of commodore, and Daniel Hill has offered to take on that role.   Dan has a long history in the Seattle area with multihulls.  He grew up in Bremerton, sailed a Wharram in high school, lived on a Piver Loadstar for four years, and on a Searunner 31 for two years.  He is currently four years into a one year restoration of a Searunner 25, which he promises will be the most tricked out Searunner 25 in existence.


Dan is the Vice President of Product Development at PMI, a really interesting company here in Seattle that makes consumer goods like Stanley thermoses.   Dan has an engineering background and is deeply knowledgeable about design, prototyping and manufacturing.  He is also a complete design geek.   He will bring a wealth of knowledge to the role of Commodore.


Mark Olsoe has offered to continue in his role as treasurer-for-life, Steve Keever has offered to continue as Web Czar, and Andrew Rice volunteered to continue as Membership director.  And I will run another NWMA regatta, with the able assistance of Jeff Oakleif.


I am hoping that we can dispense with the formalities quickly, and move on to the main business, which is telling of tall tales from the summer!"