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Feb 2 -- WA360 and Billy & Sierra's Endless Summer - Minutes Attached

posted Jan 27, 2021, 10:21 AM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Feb 16, 2021, 9:29 AM ]

Minutes of Meeting --

As always our meeting started with a virtual potluck at 6:30.  We had a few folks from other parts of the country, Canada, and several I did not recognize.  Having put notices on various internet forums, maybe some were from overseas!  Our presenters Billy and Sierra, the Corsair 880 sailing YouTubers, were also online early to visit with us.  We had  a lot of back and forth discussion and I think they appreciated getting advice from our experienced cruisers.  Ira Heller the Corsair dealer from back East was with us and provided some expertise when the conversation veered toward that popular brand.  Mark D. joined us from Mexico and we heard that Joel and Patty are expecting to launch their 35’ trimaran in California next week.  That must be very exciting.


We had hoped  to have the WA360 race around Puget Sound Race Boss give us a briefing on the race but he couldn't make it at the last minute.  We’ll see if he can do that for us next month. The WA360 is replacing the covid canceled Race to Alaska. It will not be restricted by the covid closed Canadian border that caused the R2AK to be cancelled.  The WA360 is an engineless run around Puget Sound starting and ending in Port Townsend with many way points between Point Roberts and Olympia. Race Start is June 7, 2021 and has more info. We discussed the race, boats and human propulsion a bit and then had a brief club meeting.


Commodore Scott made a plug to support the club and reviewed our benefits; Fisheries Supply and Ballard Sails discounts, tool library, PHRF race potential, and normally a cruise and rendezvous schedule.  Treasurer Mark reported a bank balance of $8259 which is high because we are not renting the Yacht Club for our normal monthly meetings.   We had some discussion about having the June meeting in Port Townsend during the WA360 start.  We'll discuss it more at the next meeting after some input from the race organizers.


We had a brief introduction of our speakers, Billy and Sierra of “Tula's Endless Summer” sailing YouTube channel. They are a young couple who bought a monohull to live on in Florida, then bought a trawler, then bought a Crowther Shockwave 42’ catamaran where they have lived the last 3 years.  The cat is for sale as they have ordered a new 39’ Seawind 1160 Light catamaran.  They were loaned a Corsair 880 trimaran for the next few months until the Seawind arrives.  They still are undecided whether they want the outboard or inboard option.  We had discussion about that and the differences of the 1160 vs the 1190.  They felt the 1160 was big enough for them and it didn’t seem that much different than the 1190.    They’ll have 800 watts of solar panels and lithium batteries.  They are now in Florida where they seem to be living in a pickup truck camper when not sailing on the Corsair.  They plan to take the Corsair 880 on the Florida loop through Lake Okeechobee to the West Coast, then back to the Keys, then Dry Tortugas, and back up the East Coast.  They hope to trailer the Corsair to Texas to sail then to California in May.  They may even come up this way to cruise the San Juan Islands.  


They’re quite popular and have 141,000 subscribers at and more videos at    We viewed several short videos of them sailing, surfing, drone shots, and cool Florida and Bahamas anchorages.  It was fun to see them sailing a Corsair 880 trimaran while pulling friends on foiling boards, check out   They like the Phantom3 drone vs the Mavic as it has landing legs which are easier to catch. They don’t launch and land from the deck because a heaving surface can come up and whack the drone causing a crash.   Some asked how long they could live on the Corsair 880 (it's only 28’).  They thought about 2 weeks for them.  Their truck camper is easier to live in because of the oven but they prefer the boat as it's easier to get away from people and civilization.  They appreciate the  Corsair's shallow draft for anchorages for the same reason.  Another question was about the head under the vee berth.  They said it's no big deal to slide it out for use.  They only use that berth for storage.   They did mention they're not big sized so the aft cabin works fine for them.  Occasionally, on still hot nights, they go head to toe for a bit more shoulder room.  Billy and Sierra hung in with us way past their midnight in Florida but eventually bid adieu after much thanks from us.  Most others stayed on and we had conversations about boats, dinghies, bottom paint and I forget what else.  Around 10 we adjourned for the night.  


We recorded Billy and Sierra’s presentation and it’s available to see at NWMA’s YouTube channel at


Next month, March 2nd, 6:30pm Seattle time, we will again gather round our screens to zoom talk multihulls and boating. Whether you are a member or not we hope to see you then.


Our Zoom meeting is Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Plan on joining us from near and far!  Information about joining meeting is at end below. 

Speakers will be Race Boss Daniel Evans, and Caribbean sailors Billy and Sierra.

6:30 pm PST  Virtual Potluck

7:00 pm  Daniel Evans, NW Maritime Center. Race Boss for the Race to Alaska, Seventy48 and the new WA360. He will discuss the WA360.

7:15 pm  NWMA Meeting and announcements

7:30 to 8:30  YouTube sensations, Billy and Sierra of ‘Tulas Endless Summer’ will join the Northwest Multihull Association to talk about their current sailing on the brand new Corsair 880 trimaran (last month NWMA hosted François Perus, designer of the 880). They will also talk about their upcoming move to a new catamaran. 

Look forward to see you all,  Scott Wallingford

Here is the Log-in information 

NWMA Zoom Meeting

Time: Feb 2, 2021 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 850 6565 3141

Passcode: 140140

Call me directly at 206-898-5944 if you have any questions or trouble accessing our meeting.