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Dec 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 17, 2017, 2:43 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 3:00 PM ]

After a nice potluck and visiting session Race Chair Vince called the meeting to order as Commodore Jeff could not make it just then.

((In case you haven’t heard Ian Farrier died 12-10-17.  As an enthusiastic F-boat owner I am gut shot and saddened.  A big hole is left in the multi universe.  RIP good man. OK, back to the minutes))


Promoting the Club


Discussion about increasing our clubs visibility locally.  The Hobie fleet is interested in doing some things together.  The first event they have will be at the Hobie Cats NW boat show booth Friday, Jan. 26.  They usually have a wine tasting that night and we duck in and out of the booth on our way to various wine pouring stations.  They say it is always a lot of fun and hope to catch up with some of our members there. They’ve invited us to their race around Mercer Island from Stan Sayers Pits on April 14 with party afterwards.  I-90 Floating Bridge clearance may be a problem.  Wiki says its 29’ but I sailed by the East span and It looked  more like 40’ if you go inshore a bit.  I don’t recall any signs indicating clearance. I will put some thought into trying to measure it accurately as my mast is ~46’ above the water and I’d like to circumnavigate the island sometime.  In any case they say they will set a shortened mark at the north end of the island "since the Hobies will likely be much faster than the NWMA boats".  Our Commodore replies:  “Really?  I say the gauntlet has been tossed down!”


We could get involved with Sail Sand Point too.  Bring our boats out for a Spring meet and greet or something.  Timing might be right for the weekend before the Hobie round the island race on the 14th so we could offer crew spots for the next weekend.  I could probably moor several boats over the intervening week on mine and my neighbors mooring bouys if you want, (certainly one or 2 at my own dock & bouy).  We are 1 mile north of SSP.  Our club could be a nice stepping stone to bigger boats for the SSP kids and members.  We did donate a Hobie Wave to SSP sometime back. 




Chair Martyn noted that his renewal notice arrived the end of Nov and that there is a $5 discount if you pay by the first, January I assume.  Done online via paypal or there is a way to do it with out paypal, credit card I assume.


After Meeting Program:  Summer activities


After the business was taken care of we had our main entertainment which was members’ stories of cruises, builds and other activities. We saw pictures and heard stories from:


Bills trip to the San Juans with his 2 small children on his 31’ trimaran.  Both kids love to take out the dingy on their own to explore.  At one time they had 12 kids on board during a raft up.


Linda and Martyn's 3 weeks in Canada including Butte Inlet, Desolation Sound, rapids &“sailing thru the Alps” .  All on their 36’ cat.


Todd from Anacortes who sailed 45 days on his trimaran this season!  Great story of meeting a ferry in the fog, both coming to a full stop as they blindly closed on each other.  A bit about travels in Croatia, Monte Negro, Monaco and Tahiti as well


Joel told us about taking on a Marples 35 project that began on Vashon Is, was sold to Reno where he picked it up and trailered it back to Woodinville.  He is in hi tech carbon/structural component manufacturing and his story of those projects where interesting too.


Steve had a nice thorough “slide” presentation of the 2 day ~76 mile Round the County Race with overnight stop in Roche Harbor.  Almost makes you want to sail in November……..


Another Steve had pictures of his (nylon/epoxy) skin on frame proa that was built and entered in the first R2AK race by a Virginian.  Steve bought it and is extensively experimenting and altering it.  He will give a fuller report next Spring.


Unfortunately there were a couple folks that we didn’t have time for.  Come back!  I did get to talk to Dana and Lindsey about building their 44’ Horstman Trimaran in the 1970’s in their North Seattle backyard.  Then trucking it down Aurora Ave 5 miles to the boat ramp right next door to our meeting hall. Great example of the enthusiasm of the early days of modern self built multihulls locally. It would be fun to hear their adventures.


Sorry if I missed someone but I was busy taking notes and having side conversations with interesting folks who came to the meeting.


I also saw but never got a chance to talk to a new multi owner who bought a 36’ PDQ catamaran and is having it shipped from Florida.  Welcome.  Hope to see you next meeting.


Future Meetings


All meetings are no cost potluck dinner and gab fest at 6:30, come even if you forget a food item, the more the merrier.  Program begins 7:00ish.


January.  Sounds like a New Years gathering at Vince’s beautiful home for this.  Catered by a local BBQ business.  Jan 9th is what I wrote down but check the website for confirmation and more info.


February.  Will be auction night.  This is a great place to dispose of or pick up gear. I got some great stuff last time.   Bring what ever you have and we will sell it.  You can donate some or all the proceeds to the club or our designated cause.  There is still ongoing discussion about choosing our cause.   One suggestion is to promote our club thru some kind of offering to R2AK.  There is a lot of publicity with that race.


March.  Tale of two of our members who trailered their Corsair 31 trimaran to Florida to cruise the Bahamas, loved it so much that they bought a 42’ cat in Tahiti, sailed it to Hawaii for a year live aboard then back to Seattle last Spring.  Should be a great evening.