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Jan 7th - Presentation by New Commodore Scott Wallingford - Minutes Attached

posted Jan 4, 2020, 4:57 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Jan 9, 2020, 8:43 AM ]

This meeting will be an introduction to the 2020 season and present the calendar of events for NWMA. Also a presentation from Scott Wallingford (Commodore) and the other offices who wish to share a little about themselves. 

Then it will be open to hear about others plans for cruising, racing, modifying, building in 2020. A great time for new members and attendees to introduce themselves and find people with common interests and plans.

Happy New Year everyone!  As usual folks showed up at the clubhouse around 630 for the pot luck.  We even had the disco ball on for a while.  Everyone had a good time catching up and meeting a couple new faces.  Good to see some long time members as well.  I met Rick who bought a Corsair Dash 24’ trimaran in October currently at Elliot Bay Marina but looking for new moorage.  Dang, I neglected to get his contact info, hopefully we’ll see him again.  Von who sailed with Dana and Lyndsey on their Horstman 44 a couple years ago.  He’s looking for a Horstman ~40 footer.  Hadn’t seen Kirby for a while.  He said his F31 One Design is for sale.  Saw Edd again with a 28’ tri on R dock.  Always nice to see seldom seen folks drop in from time to time.  Other attendees were more or less regulars.  I’m glad the club is still supported on several fronts.  


Around 7 our new commodore, Scott Wallingford, rang the bell to start the meeting and everyone circled up to introduce themselves and say what they’ve been up to.  This always generates a nice vibe and a bit of discussion.  I think 3 teams of the R2AK were represented tonight as well as one for the 70/48 paddle from Tacoma to Pt Townsend the day before.  It was fun to hear of their efforts.  A couple teams are looking for volunteers to bring their boats back home after the race.  Here’s your chance for an Alaska cruise.


Mark our treasurer was absent but Vice Commodore Diane filled in saying the balance is at $7963.  $8123 someone interjected as he’d just paypal-ed his dues tonight.  She mentioned that the room rental went up to $125 from $115.  Still pretty dang reasonable.  Scott mentioned the possibility of having meetings no charge at his office on Commodore Way.  If so Rob Wright said he’d buy the beer.  That raised some approving eyebrows. 


We had no speaker this month as Commodore Scott wanted to go over this years schedule.  It was obvious he put a lot of effort and time into it.  I won’t repeat it all as I imagine it will be posted on our website.  The highlight was the Corsair National Championships to be held at Pt Roberts July 15-17,  (the race week starts the 13th though).   There is a little more emphasis on racing this year to tune up for and to make a good showing at the Nationals.  I’m even thinking about doing this.  There was mentioned some races that a few of our members often attend: Race to Straits May 1-2, Swiftsure May 22-25, Cowichan Bay Aug 1-2, and Round the County Nov 7-8.  Other races are listed on the schedule but there was no discussion as to our participation.


Other highlights of the schedule included our June 7th meeting will be in Pt Townsend again as it was so popular last year.  Its the night before the R2AK start.  Our Everett Rally will be May 16-17.  Encouragement to join the BC Multihull Society’s rallies, especially the Labour Day one.  Left off was a July 3 raft up and fireworks viewing at Poulsbo with migration to Blake Island on the 4th to see Seattle’s that evening.  Friday July 3 will be a national holiday so it should be a fun 3 day weekend.  I plan to be there.  Hopefully you will see the schedule on the website, all in all it can be a very full slate of events this year.


Scott mentioned he wants to use Facebook a lot and encourages folks to post stuff there.  Some of us don’t do FB but as long as our website is kept up to date, (which I’m happy to do with our webmaster), I’m all for any publicity we can generate.  


Scott also gave an overview of his sailing background.  Since he’s a relatively new member it was nice to learn what he’s been up to.  Currently he is a broker with Wright Yachts, the Corsair/Seawind Dealer in Seattle.  But he’s owned a boat repair shop in Renton, had a TV show on the Discovery Channel and done a brief internship with Signature Yachts at Beneteau in France.  He’s done several interesting multihull races and deliveries around the world including the R2AK in 2018 on a Corsair 970 trimaran.  To top it off he has brought some nice enthusiasm to our club.  We look forward to the new year with him at the helm.  


Since Scott is tied into the sailing professional scene in Seattle he will try and have industry pros make short 10-15 minute presentations on their area of expertise at some of the meetings.  March 3 is scheduled to be BRI Solutions about solar power.


The next meeting, Feb 4, will be our annual auction.  Its always fun and I’ve found some great deals there.  We hope to see you there.  Bring money.

-- Eric Lindahl, Secretary