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Jan 8 - Jim Gallant presents his Hydrofoiling Trimaran - w/ Minutes Added

posted Dec 19, 2018, 1:43 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Feb 17, 2019, 5:25 PM ]
Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat. 

Northwest Multihull Association Meeting Minutes & Notes

Jan 8, 2019


We saw a lot of new faces this evening and several members from the past.  A number of folks made the trek from across the sound; Rick S, Tom S, Greg J and our presenter and his friend and boat helper.  After a nice potluck and gab session with friends old and new we started the brief business meeting.


Commodore Jeff rang the ships bell to get our attention and bring us to order.  He called for volunteers and nominations for this years club officers, contact him through the club email: if you are interested.   Jeff mentioned the perks of membership; discount at Fisheries Supply, Tools and equipment loaning library, Discount at Ballard Sails and free sail measuring for new PHRF racers.   He acknowledged Jonathon K’s donation of a laptop for the clubs video media presentations and that Jonathan is the new keeper of the clubs equipment; boat scale, storage racks/tent frame, boat stands, etc.   Discussion was had about a discounted safety at sea class for members.  Either we would organize one on our own or attend an existing class.  A sign up sheet was passed around for those interested in pursuing this.  


Treasurer Mark said the club is in good shape with $8000 in the kitty all ready for this years activities.  


Rick S announced that Larry Christiansen had passed away December 18th.  Larry designed and built the fastest boat (the trimaran Invictus) on the sound thru the 1970s and was a founding member of the club 50 years ago.  He was also an award winning roller skate dancer.  Rick will give a presentation about Larry, and stories of racing Invictus this Spring.  He brought a box of old photographs of Larry’s that members can peruse and take any number as a momento of Larry.  Commodore Jeff has these at his house now.  Rick will be at the meeting Feb 5 to speak more about Larry and show some pictures, presumably of his trimaran whipping around Puget Sound.  This will be a nice opportunity for our early members to come and share old stories and reflect on our 50 year history.


Peter Nelson, long time Hobie racer, spoke about his new 501c3 foundation, Multihull Youth Sailing, (MYsailing) to encourage 12-25 year old youths to transition into multihull sailing and racing.  It is the beneficiary of the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club’s Blakely Rocks Charity Race this year.  They are looking for a few more sponsors at the $500 level that will have names on T-shirts and regatta posters etc, Jan 31 deadline.  There is also a fund raising raffle at the Sloop in April for the foundation.  Good cause.  Peter will speak more about it and “Teaching the Next Gen How to Fly Across the Water” at our March meeting.  It was mentioned by a member that this is something that the club may wish to consider sponsoring.


This months great program was given by Jim Gallant of Liberty Bay who designed and built a fantastic 20’ foiling trimaran.  It was a miniature version of Hydropter, the record breaking, ~50’, 50 knot foiling trimaran of some 10-20 years ago.  Jim studied every picture of the beast and previous iterations that he could find.  He painstakingly scaled his plans off of those pictures.  He also took inspiration from Eric Taberly, Doug Halsy’s Broom Stick, and someone building crazy foilers in New Zealand named Gary Barjent, (I hope I got those names right).  After several years of building test boats, back yard engineering, and modifications he took it out and dang if it didn’t foil on its maiden voyage!  I loved the name of one test boat; “Best Guess”, and that some of his efforts used canoes, aluminum extension ladders, old beach cat hulls and stitch & glue creations for amas, akas and vakas.  Crazy cool thinking and vessels.  Since then he has sailed and foiled the most recent version extensively, loving every minute.  This was another amazing (and little known) story for our members to thoroughly enjoy.  Jim had lots of pictures, some videos and insight to his thoughts of the process, the build and foiling.  Very cool.  Thanks so much Jim, I want a ride!


Next month we will have our annual sailing equipment auction with 10% proceeds to the club.   Bring your stuff and we will get rid of it.  Feb 5.  I’ve seen lots of great deals in the past. Rick S will also have some words about Larry Christiansen and pictures of his remarkable trimaran Invictus.  Please come and join us.


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