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June 2 - Sailing from Ketchikan to Seattle via Outside of Vancouver Island -- Minutes Attached

posted May 30, 2020, 5:01 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Jul 7, 2020, 4:19 PM ]
Once again we will not be meeting at the Puget Sound YC.  The June meeting will be online using the "Zoom" app.

6:30 PM PST   - Virtual Potluck   7:00- Club Meeting, then Presentation “Sailing from Ketchikan to Seattle via Outside of Vancouver Island”

Presented by Mark Dix, Chance Campbell, and Zack Tully. 

First Team Narwhal and friends tour Ketchikan.  Then Mark, Chance, and Zack cruise on Team Narwhal's F32 trimaran back to Seattle on a 15 day trip. This presentation is Part 2. Last month was Part 1 about Team Narwhal doing the 2019 R2AK (Race to Alaska) on Bill Quigley's F32 trimaran, racers were Mark, Bill, Li, and Joel.)Chance rowing near Tatiana (Bill Quigley’s 32’ Farrier trimaran)
   Left to right: Zack, Mark, Chance in Prince Rupert, Canada

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   MINUTES      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Due to Covid 19 we again had an online zoom meeting which is really nice for those who are out of town. We saw at least 35 participants plus many spouses listening in.  It was enjoyable to catch up with everyone and the meeting part was short with only a few announcements.  Pt Roberts Race Week is cancelled and the Corsair Nationals along with it due to Covid.  Diane is encouraging all members to share some photos/videos of your summer sailing fun when we have our next meeting in September. Likely it will be Sept 8 not Sept 1, but check back to confirm.


The presentations and Q and A sessions were recorded and the video file is now in the club's Google Drive. Here is a link to the videos folder:  Also within that folder are related videos, which include the original HD quality return trip videos with audio and some background music.  There are videos pertaining to preparations, 2019 Everett Rally practice, Team Narwhal's R2AK Stage 1, Stage 2, Ketchikan, etc.


The night's presentation was by the return crew for R2AK Team Narwal’s Farrier 32 trimaran Tatiana.  They sailed the boat back from Ketchikan to Seattle via the outside of Vancouver Island.  Mark D. who was on the Narwal race team changed roles from crew to captain.  Having just raced the boat with owner Bill and crew Joel and Li, he was intimately familiar with Tatiana.  For crew he had Chance C. and Zack T.  Zack is a friend of Chance's and had little sailing experience prior to this adventure.  Chance and his brother are refitting a 1976 25’ Seawing Trimaran (See Nov 5, 2019 minutes).  He gave a short report & pics on that project.  The bad spots are fixed and the topsides are painted blue.  It looks real good.  Hopefully they will be able to sail it later in the year.  


Steve Ladd gave us an update on his proa modification project.  He also showed off about 2 dozen country flags of places he visited on his South American sailing trips as described in articles, books, and club presentation.  Really cool.


We also got a short update from Narwal race crewman Joel on his and his wife Patty’s 35’ Marples CC35 trimaran project in Napa California.  Take a look at it on the website.  They have done an amazing job on a well regarded boat in the club begun by David Vinson.  The structure is all done and now the fun of fitting all the sailing hardware is taking place.  They also hope to be sailing late this year, to Mexico!


After the presentation we had a couple discussions that were more general club interests in flavor.  I’ll add them here so you don’t have to read through the notes to get to them:


Throughout the presentation questions from the audience were encouraged and many interesting tangents were followed.  Such as ideal crew size, boat, stops and time line for the R2AK and cruising the West side of Vancouver Island.  Rescue ideas for such a wild place, EPIRBs, kites or sailboards  Dinghys for small boats.  Etc….


Ideas were discussed for cruising this summer.   We missed having our season kick off with the Everett rally.  The July 3rd Poulsbo fireworks rendezvous is cancelled as well as the Corsair Nationals at Point Roberts.  Dan is conceiving of an unusual fun race with CYC.  He will be cruising South Sound in August and going north in Sept.  Shaun & Jess will sail July 4-18.  If Canada opens this year I put in a plug for the great BC Multihull rendezvous just across the border at Port Browning the first weekend in Sept. (For all their events, see .) I’m undetermined as I have a big remodel project with my son planned this July.  You know how those can drag on.   Andrew and Connie are looking for someone to sail their SeaWind 24 catamaran back from Ketchikan after they race it to Alaska in 2021.


The end of the evening closed out with a discussion of another run of club T-shirts.  Maybe a quick-dry material instead of cotton.  Dan did them the last time and will look into it.


Mark Dix started off the evening’s presentation with a brief overview of the Race to Alaska then showed a few pictures of their de facto Ketchikan base, the house that club members Diane J and Mark Olsoe had rented for the R2AK finish celebrations.  After a good rest up and tour of Ketchikan, the crew left for Seattle.  They estimated it was well over 1200 miles of sailing over 15 days.  Mark had great pictures and videos of the trip though he noted that when the sailing was rough there’s not much opportunity to take pictures.  There was a good mix of narration, pictures and videos with Chance and Zack interjecting their perspectives.


They stopped at Misty Fjords Park, a must see they say.  Mark told of taking a bath in a stream and as he got back to the dinghy he saw a mother grizzly with two cubs come out of the woods and walk right by his bathing spot! 


 My internet connection is always iffy and my computer zoned out a few times but here are some snippets of the talk. 


 They had an easy time passing the notorious Cape Scott on the N end of Vancouver Island. 


 They attempted to pass the Brooks Peninsula but after reducing sails it was still too nasty, so they turned around and sought shelter, sailing at 8 knots on just a reefed jib .  The next day it was much better.  


 Weather forecasts can be way off but they are mostly helpful.  They usually used the VHF weather channel but other sources when they got internet.  The weather was mostly cloudy with some rain on the northern portion but after mid Vancouver Island it was sunny with good spinnaker sailing til Port Renfrew where the wind shut off and they motored 95% of the way to Seattle.


 They stopped for fuel, food and or showers at Prince Rupert, Bella Bella, Winter Harbor, Port Townsend (5 min walk to all night gas station).


 The Two Paw 9 nesting dinghy that owner Bill had built was a great addition.


 They saw humpback whales or orcas every day, sometimes breaching, and had videos to prove it.  It almost got passe.  Sea otters were common in the north part.


 They used a knife on a stick to cut lots of kelp from their rudder and anchor.


 Winter Harbor, Rugged Point Park, Hot Springs Cove, and Barkley Sound were highlights they liked.


 The electronic device charging station was near the companionway and water and corrosion became a problem with the connectors.


 Without a bilge on this trimaran the towels that were unhelpful deadweight on the R2AK became useful to dry out the floor of the boat.  A couple sponges might be a better choice though.


No one got seasick though one admitted to being susceptible to it and another had a few queasy moments.  They all thought the ginger chew candy they had helped.  


That's it.  It was an interesting presentation and all enjoyed it I’m sure.  


We will now enter our 2 month recess and will reconvene meetings in Sept.  Hopefully in person.  Likely it will be Sept 8 not the 1st, but check back then to confirm.  In the meantime, hope to see you out sailing!