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March 6 Meeting Minutes/Notes by Secretary Eric Lindahl

posted Mar 10, 2018, 11:11 AM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Mar 10, 2018, 12:14 PM ]

Big turn out this month for our 6:30 potluck and the ensuing program.  Lots of visiting while chowing down, as always, and never enough time to spend a proper amount with everyone.  There were a couple new members, several guests and special guests from Ballard Sails, Wright Yachts and Northwest Yachting Magazine.  Commodore Jeff called the meeting to order and spent a few minutes describing the financial benefits (discounts at vendors) of club membership.  Then he encouraged members to submit stories/content for the website, asked for volunteers to help with the technical aspects of our electronic media.  He introduced our special guests and program presenters with a few words.  They were:


Ballard Sails; has offered very generous winter discounts to club members on new sail purchases!  The discounts are up to 15% off in early winter and decrease to 10% towards the Spring.  I missed getting the dates but call them and they will set you straight.  Also if you are needing sails measured to start racing in PHRF they have offered to do this for club members for free!  Ballard Sails folks have visited us before but tonight we met their rigger Rhys Balmer who also is a sailing instructor.  Lets support them with our business.


Wright Yachts is the new Corsair trimaran dealer for our area and is sponsoring a brand new Corsair 970 in the Race to Alaska.  3 of the 4 crew were our guests and it was fun talking to them.  They are looking for rides on F31s to sharpen their multihull skills and crew work as their boat has not arrived from the factory yet.  Contact Commodore Jeff if you can offer them a ride.


Finally Northwest Yachting Magazine was represented by Editor Norris Comer.  He is also racing with the Wright Yachts team and will be documenting the experience.   He’s hoping to bring our club a little publicity as well.


We went around the room introducing ourselves as usual.  We met new members, also a guy building a 36’ aluminum proa, a 2016 R2AK participant on an F24, Marcus with an F24, John with a Corsair Pulse 600 and Jonathan with a new to him F24 as well as several other new and interesting folks.   


Mark our Treasurer gave us his short report of $7340 in the account which has held steady so we are in a good position for this coming seasons activities.  


The main highlight for the evening was Matt and Tricia’s great presentation of their journeys of the past 3-1/2 years.  They have been members for quite a while and Matt had his F31 trimaran Tumbleweed for 15 years, even living aboard it at Shilshole for a while.  In 2014 he and Tricia decided to sell nearly everything and trailer the F31 to Florida for an extended trip in the Bahamas.  Then they sold it back east and bought a 42’ Outremer catamaran in Tahiti, eventually sailing it back to Seattle.  They will be cruising the Salish Sea this summer, if you see them go by and say hi.  Here is their blog;   It does not have the leg from Hawaii to Seattle just yet; you shoulda “been there” (at the meeting) for that part of the tale.  It was so good that when they finished a spontaneous applause erupted for sharing their wonderful story.  That was a very nice.


Next month, April 2nd, will also prove to be a popular presentation.  Come at 630 for the pot luck dinner or ~ 700 pm for the presentation:  Tom Speer is a club member but also has been neck deep in making significant contributions to the wing design on Larry Ellison’s various Americas Cup boats.  He will be here to give us the inside scoop of the recent Americas Cups and what the future looks like for the next AC to be sailed in mono hulls, (gasp).  Tom has given us presentations in the past and though he can be as geeky and technical as you can possibly imagine his inside knowledge is very interesting and he is an entertaining speaker.  We’re really looking forward to this.  I hope you can come; for the potluck or just the program.  Guests are always welcome.








Eric Lindahl