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Nov. 5 - SeaWind Restoration Project Forum -- Minutes Attached

posted Oct 9, 2019, 5:32 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Nov 26, 2019, 10:24 PM ]
This month's meeting will be a forum on Chance and Ty Cambel's restoration of a SeaWing 24’ 10” trimaran, fixer-upper. Need to build interior, fix soft spots on hull, reset deck hardware, chip/sand and repaint vaka. Purchased summer 2019. They’ll show photos of current condition of boat, will discuss repair plans, and would like YOUR ADVICE!   Plan on a lively Q and A discussion!

Chance graduted UW ME '19, sailed from Ketchikan to Seattle in 2019 to help return Team Narwhal’s R2AK trimaran home. Ty is a commercial diver out of Bellingham. Both brothers grew up doing extensive motor boating and sailing in the PNW.  Pictured below is the boat as purchased, followed by a picture of the goal which is a SeaWing in good condition.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------M I N U T E S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Our gathering started with a potluck dinner as always and we had plenty of tasty food for all while we chatted with friends old and new.   Attendance was a bit different this week as there were some folks we hadn’t seen in a while who were interested in getting and giving some advice via Chance Campbell who was our speaker.


Commodore Jeff rang the bell at 7 to signal a short meeting.  He mentioned that we will be electing new officers tonight and gave a brief recap of the last 2 years.  He mentioned establishment of our tool library, coordination of a Safety at Sea class for our members early next year, reinvigoration of our Poulsbo raft up and 2 successful Rendezvous’s at Everett.  The group thanked him for his turn at the helm and for the things he accomplished. 


We then elected Officers by raising of hands.  Scott Wallingford will be our new commodore.  Scott has been a member for a few years, sailed the Corsair 970 in the 2018 R2AK and is a broker with Wright Yachts the Corsair and Seawind Dealer.  We look forward to his leadership.   Jim Miller will take over PHRF from Martyn Adams.  The rest of the slate will remain the same, Mark Olsoe Treasurer, Diane Johnson Vice Commodore, Eric Lindahl Secretary Andrew Rice Membership, Vince DePillis.PHRF handicapper, Jonathan Kallay Race Captain & Tool Library.  IT whizzes will be Mark Olsoe and Jonathan Kallay. 


Treasurer Mark was not in attendance but the bank balance has been very stable the last several years at around $7500.


After the meeting we went around the room to introduce ourselves and tell what we were up to.  We are always happy to welcome our visitors and hear of their interests are.    I will mention just a few that we hadn’t seen in a while;  It was nice to see Joe and Sue D.  They have sailed their 48’ cat from Mexico to Sitka then to Poulsbo where it will be for a while.  Rick and Loretta S came by with a list of sails available very cheap or free from Larry Christianson’s famous trimaran Invictus.  I will post the list below, contact him at Ricksutherland at earthlink dot net.  They have lost track of the boat’s  location as it has been stripped and resold several times.  If you know where it is please send Rick an email.  They also brought a box of 1960’s and 70’s Multihull magazines to give away.  What an interesting trove to look over.   Eric L and Dan H took what ever was left over.  Drop Eric a line if you want to take a look or get a couple, ejlindahl at comcast dot net.   Rob Wright was here and announced that Wright Yachts will be a/(the?) sponsor for the Corsair trimaran Nationals this summer.  It is in conjunction with Pt Roberts Race Week.  This is the former Whidbey Island Race Week which has changed hands.  Also notable were two former(?) members who I’d never met.  I think they came by to hear about our featured Seawings trimaran.  Welcome back David W with 21’ kayak Trimaran , and Ed H., who’s 28’ 1973 folding Saxiguard trimaran is next to the Shilshole breakwater.  There were 10 or 12 others in attendance as well.  It was nice to see them all.   Not there, but I want to include, are Joel & Patty S. They’ll be moving the 3 hulls of their Marples 35’ tri to Napa California beginning this month for final assembly and finishing.   They would like to sell their trailerable Windrider trimaran, anyone interested?   Joel said he would be happy to show anyone his beautiful boat who did not make it to his open house. Definitely worth the drive to Woodinville; joelnsmith at me dot com or  Seattle’s area code then 372 0559.  In fact I’ll include a write up of the open house at the end of these minutes.  


We rearranged chairs to view the images of Chance and Ty Campbell’s new to them Seawings 24 trimaran.  They bought it this summer and are planning to get it in shape this winter for next spring.  Only Chance could make it down from Bellingham.  He had lots of before pictures but no afters just yet.  There were only 4 boats made and this is the prototype.  They bought it from a navy naval architect on Bainbridge Island.  Its designed by Skip Johnson an aeronautical engineer in southern California in 1988.  There is not much info on the web and Skip is deceased, (Someone said google “the small tri guy” for a website for old small trimarans).  It has a 33’ rotating mast and made of 3/8 yellow foam that the group thought might be Divinycell.   It is demountable and an ama weighs about 200 lbs so was just barely manueverable for the two young brothers.  Being new to the game Chance was asking for advice on what should be done and how.  Some of the issues and pictures he showed  were a few soft deck spots, peeling paint on the Vaka, gouged and split rudder and a bit of hull fairing compound coming off.  There were many helpful ideas and advice given.  So much I fear that it was hard to keep them straight as he took notes.   Most said get the boat out sailing first to see if it is a good boat.  You don’t want to put a lot of time into it if its not the right boat for you or worth the time and effort for a proper rehab.  Many said check the rigging, make sure the rudder is good, grind off whats peeling, slap on and fair some bondo, paint it with latex and go sail it.  Other terms flying about were vacuuming for moisture removal & relaminating, Festool, 24 grit grinder, heat gun (be careful on epoxy), chemical stripper.  As I said much discussion and information.  We wish him luck.  Meeting concluded we put the room back in order chatted a bit and left for home.


Next month’ meeting, Dec 3, we will revert back to our tradition of a potluck and Christmas Party at our regular meeting place; the Puget Sound Yacht Club.  Hope to see you there.


Post Script;  I just learned that Dana Hoffman passed away last weekend.  This is so sad.  He and Lyndsey attended our meeting just last month.  Dana and Lyndsey were very long time members and they’d built a 44’ Horstman trimaran in Lake City and had it trucked on Aurora Avenue in the middle of the night to launch at Lk Union right next to our meeting place.  They told us their story at a meeting a few years back.  Their Horstman is for sale and its said to be in quite good shape.  RIP good man.


Below is the list of Invictus sails from Rick Sutherland.  Cheap, like what ever you want to pay:  His email is in the text above.  If the image didn't load I'll list the luff lengths and sail type below:

1.5 oz runner luff 24'  good, .5 oz triradial 61'  fair, .75 oz reaching 68' excellent, 140% reacher/genoa? 57’ new, main sail 38' fair, hobie 16? tramps.  Eric took the following home but its available; 3/4? oz spin 33'  excellent, call Eric


I thought I’d do a write up of Joel and Patty’s Marples 35 trimaran open house of Oct 27, 2019.  They have been working on it for 2 years at a friends property in Woodinville.   The build began on Vashon Island several decades ago by David Vinson.  David was a long time NWMA club member and good friend and coworker of Wayne E.  He’d built a couple boats, including getting Wayne interested in multihulls by building 3 Meters with him.  Sadly David got sick and passed away way too soon, before he could put the hulls together.  A few years back the project was offered for sale and Steve M, a rescuer of multihulls, bought them and trailered it all down to Reno.  

Joel and Patty had started coming to our NWMA meetings about that time in search of a cruising multihull.  Wayne was a good friend of David and knew the boat would be a perfect fit for them.  He urged a serious look at the project.  Joel went to Reno and found that nearly all the rigging and material, including 5 new sails, winches, rigged mast and boom, the works, was already accumulated by David and it was of the highest quality.  The deal was made and Joel trailered it back to Washington.   Read the rest of the story with pictures on our website.

- Eric Lindahl