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Nov 6 - Eric Lindahl presents “I Finally Made It To The Broughton Islands!” -- Minutes Attatched

posted Oct 8, 2018, 12:16 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Nov 12, 2018, 7:56 PM ]

Eric has been small boat cruising all his life starting as a child in the 1950s on his parents 25’ wooden sloop.  But he never made it much past Desolation Sound.  Finally this year he got a hall pass and with his wife Marilyn and R2AK sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix took off for the wilds of the north in his speedy 31’ Corsair trimaran.  Come see what they found there.

Northwest Multihull Association Nov 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes 


We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At ~7:20 Commodore Jeff started the meeting by ringing the ships bell as is our quaint custom.   I like it.


These minutes may be a little sketchy as I was concentrating on getting the projector to work for my presentation after the meeting.  I apologize for any inaccuracy


I counted 22 souls present, some from an hour+ away, and a few who we hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a nice turn out.  Thanks for coming.  There were 2 young couples I hadn’t seen before, welcome Jessica and Shaun and Connie and Andrew.  We are glad you came by,   They were interested in multihulls and this writer made sure to say hello.  One has a San Juan 23 but is interested in a larger Fboat in a year or two.  The other has a Fiji 32.  


Commodore Jeff restated the benefits of club membership;  Fisheries Supply Discount, free sail measurement by Ballard Sails if you decide to race, Club tool library; which include industrial storage racks/temp enclosure frame, boat weighing scale, boat lifting straps, sailboat jack stands and members with every tool and area of expertise you might cajole out of them.  First year members are half price $30 to try us out.  Probably the food at the holiday party will pay for that.


Jeff then mentioned the possibility of sponsoring a Safety at Sea seminar.  These are commonly given to racers who are doing an offshore race but cruisers and fisherman also find it very beneficial, especially if you sail on our cold waterways.  As I recall the discussion centered around a partial subsidy to club members who want to participate.  Here is a local one I googled:  There is a discount for couples which is a real good idea.  A few in the meeting had been to one and highly recommended it to non racers as well.  This will be discussed further.  Let us know what you think.


Then Jeff called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact him via the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A (M). is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots.   Martyn gave us a few details/back ground on PIYA.


Treasurer Mark was absent so no report but nothing money wise as changed in the last month and I know the kitty is fatter because I finally remembered to give my membership check to Diane this evening.  Last month a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts was at $8382.  Annual dues are due (Sept to Sept IIRC).  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


Bill Q said that the club holiday party on Dec 4 is still on at his house and details will be sent out soon.  He has a nice large home in a leafy part of the U-District.  Discussion about catering and food was had.  Vince volunteered to help out with that.


Discussions will soon commence on next years schedule; sailing rendezvous, Poulsbo fireworks, Blake Island etc...  What would you like?  Let us know.


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Nice to hear about everyone and what boats they sail.


The evenings program was given by yours truly.  I’d completed a bucket list item in Sept to sail to the Broughton Islands. Our speaker wrangler asked if I wanted to tell the club about it.  Sure, I can do a slide show; (thought bubble: carousels and 2” white squares with dark cellulose in the center).  I had no idea how time consuming and confusing it would be to learn how to do this digitally.  With some last minute scrambling with techies Diane and Francois at the projection table it turned out well from some feed back I got.  Whew.  


A short recap is that I sailed from Seattle with my wife to Lund near Desolation Sound in about 4 days, (our multis do sail fast!).  Met my son & daughter in law there for a 5 day tour of that beloved warm water paradise.  Then I dropped the three of them back off at Lund to drive home.  My next crew, R2Aker Mark Dix, got a ride to Lund that day and for the next 17 days we sailed thru beautiful channels and rapids to the Broughton Islands.  They are even with the north tip of Vancouver Island, 275 miles from Seattle,   Then we turned around and bee-lined it back to Seattle.  It was a glorious trip with ~60-70% (timewise) sailing, but we don’t mind Zen sailing at 2 or 3 knots.  Maximum gust I saw was 21 knots.  Often it was perfect shirtsleeve sailing in 6-12 knots for hours on end, (much in the middle is not like ocean cold Puget Sound).  About half and half was beating and spinaker sailing.  Other times it was ghosting along in near glassy water next to timeless, age old wilderness cliffs and forests, pictographs and ancient First Nations camps.  One day could easily have been the best day of sailing in my life.  Enough gushing.  Go there some time.  Talk to me if you want advice/encouragement, I come to nearly every meeting.  It was not hard, we are both well past 60 years of age.


We concluded at around 10:00 but several of us hung around visiting til a bit later.  


Plan on coming to the Dec 4 party.


Speaker for the January 8:  Jim Gallant will talk about his 20 foot hydrofoil trimaran sailboat, its design, how he built it and what it's like to sail it. Also some discussion on other home built trimarans that led up to this boat.