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Oct 2 - R2AK Solo Attempt on a Tornado Beachcat plus Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 11, 2018, 12:48 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Oct 9, 2018, 12:20 PM ]

Member Mark Dix will present his extensive boat modifications including adding a dual custom pedal drive to his Tornado beachcat in his solo attempt at doing the R2AK race to Alaska.  Also he will describe all his preparations and experiences accrued in this nautical equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.  

Northwest Multihull Association Oct 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes/Notes   

We had a good selection of pot luck dishes to chow down while we caught up with one another and visited with our guests.  At 7:00 Vice Commodore Diane started the meeting as Commodore Jeff could not attend.  Diane mentioned that there is a crew slot available on a 44’ Farrier catamaran (with electric motors) sailing from San Francisco to San Diego.  Leaving ASAP.  Contact is or Cell. 604.961-4045.  


Diane called for volunteers to become next years club officers.  Contact her or current club Commodore Jeff thru this email or the website to get an idea of what is involved - we will be supportive!  Pat M. said he is retiring from being the Multihull PHRF Handicapper and Martyn A. is retiring from being the PHRF Director so we will have to be thinking about those spots. 


Treasurer Mark says we are in good shape with a combined balance of both checking and paypal accounts at $8382.  He noted that annual dues are due.  Bring a check to the next meeting or go to the website ( to pay with paypal.  A personal check in person is preferred as paypal costs the club a little money. 


No discussion was had about the December 4 meeting/party but last month Bill Quigley offered to host a holiday party and it that was approved by vote.  Probably should talk about it a bit next meeting. 


No further business was discussed so we went around the room to introduce ourselves as is our custom.  Of note was the newest multihuller; Gabe and Karly have a new son named Sonny!  Congratulations!   Gabe will be documenting his Marples 35 build on instagram at SV Manxi.  Karly’s dad has a step grandson who builds websites and maybe he’ll help out Mark with the technology stuff.  We had several guests via our meeting notices on 48 North, Sailing Anarchy and Cruisers Forum including; Matt J. from R2AK team Take Me to the Volcano, Leo M. with a J27 who is thinking about doing the R2AK and Floyd M an early club member who sailed his Searunner trimaran around the world in the 1970s.  They all wanted to see Mark Dix’s presentation on his R2AK preparations and experiences.


Mark Dix gave a very entertaining and thorough run down on his R2AK adventure.  He’s been an active athlete all his life and this gave him the confidence to do the race.  He described his transition from “Could I Go” to “Should I Go” to “Will I Go” to Heck, yes!  His presentation covered lots of ground including his mental, nutritional, equipment and time needs, etc….  He decided to use what he had: a 20’ Tornado racing beach cat, (one of two he owns).  He described his process of strengthening it to meet the rigors of the race and how he built his custom pedal drives in his off time at the engineering firm he worked at.  Very cool precision, waterjet cut, custom, designed-by-him aluminum components.  He spent time discussing the weaknesses of his effort and how he will overcome them if he decides to give it another go.  In the end he had to abandon this year’s bid due to breakages at Hornby Island part way up Vancouver Island.  However he had an “interesting” time just getting there and it was very rewarding to sail back at a leisurely pace, meeting helpful people along the way, (the R2AK Participant logo on his hull was a magnet).  It was a very interesting presentation and the club thanks him for sharing.  We concluded at around 930 but several of us hung around visiting til quite a bit later.  


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018 where this writer was asked to give a slide show of his cruise to the Broughton Islands with first mate Marilyn then a crew swap at Lund BC to sailor extraordinaire Mark Dix to help push beyond the dreaded Seymour Narrows.  Hope you can come