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October 1 - “We, the Voyagers: Our Moana"

posted Sep 5, 2019, 6:07 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Sep 5, 2019, 7:19 PM ]

This is part 2 of a presentation on Polynesian sailing by Mimi George, Captain Luke Vaikawi, and Meph Wyeth from  It emphasizes setting the sails,finding our way in the open ocean by interacting with patterns of winds, waves, stars, and other signs that our ancestors show us when we meet with adversity. We arrive at islands and learn what happened to family members since the last voyage some generations earlier. We reconcile, reaffirm our love for each other, and look to our future together. There will be a Q and A session after the film.

Captain Luke Vaikawi, born and raised on Taumako, Duffs Group, SE Solomon Islands, is Executive Director of the Vaka Valo Group (VVA). VVA runs the Lata Voyaging School programs, training youth to build their proa voyaging canoes and navigate using only ancient designs, materials, and methods. Luke just retired from 25 years leading patrol boats and international safety programs for the Solomon Islands Maritime Police.

Mimi George has worked in support of communities who perpetuate the ancient voyaging practices, and who have requested help with documentation of the ancient knowledge and practices. Her sailing projects include a winter-over in the Antarctic, co-originating the Vaka Taumako Project of Pacific Traditions Society ( and vakataumako on Facebook), and 26 years working to carry out the voyaging education plan of Te Aiki Kaveia of Taumako and his descendants..

H. Meph Wyeth, raised in a sailing family, is a Director of a Hawaiian cultural institute and of Pacific Traditions Society. Meph correlates themes and performances of European and Polynesian stories.

Northwest Multihull Association, potluck starts at 6:30 pm, club meeting and presentation 7:30 at Puget Sound Yacht Club on Lake Union, 2321 N. Northlake Way, Seattle. Non-Members are always welcome. For more information: (206)795-2111