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September 8 - What We Did This Summer - Minutes Attached

posted Aug 21, 2020, 1:42 PM by Mark Olsoe   [ updated Sep 11, 2020, 7:07 PM ]

The Zoom speakers will be….  You, Me, and Us! Let’s hear about your sailing experiences. Please prepare photos of your recent sailing adventures (preferably on multihulls), favorite destinations, cruising, building, boat modifications, preparing for future racing, anything boat-related.  Photos should be on our PC (or other device) that you will use to attend the Zoom meeting.  To be ready to show your pictures or video during the meeting, all you have to do is have them up on the screen of your device. Then we will take turns clicking on the “Share Screen” Zoom button to share our photos and videos.

6:30 pm PST   - Virtual Potluck

7:00                 - Club Meeting, then Presentation

Once again we will not be meeting at the Puget Sound YC.  The meeting will be online using the "Zoom" app. There has been a very positive response to prior Zoom meetings –– plan on joining us from near and far!  Just for this month, we’re meeting on 2nd Tuesday, on the day after Labor Day holiday.

Hope you all had a good summer.  Welcome back to NWMA!  Hope to see you on-line!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Minutes   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The club is still doing Zoom Meetings due to Covid.  We saw a few new faces.  Nice to see continuing interest in our club.


I was a bit late to the potluck part of the meeting so I might have missed some things.  Here’s what I saw:  


Not much business was conducted.  Treasurer Mark reported our bank balance of $7036.  And that Sept is dues month and asked that folks renew via the website.  It is easy.    Vice Commodore Diane reported the club has bought a $105 pro Zoom account so we can have Zoom meetings longer than 40 minutes.  


 As is the custom, Sept is show and tell month of what sailing adventures we had this summer.  Due to Covid we all were limited to US waters so it was all San Juans and to South Sound Cruising.  Though Mike S told of his adventures buying a 40’ cat (see Instagram SYQuini) in the Canary Islands and cruising to Portugal and Spain where his boat is Covid marooned in Valencia.  Ginniejo, who is new to us and lives in Spain part time, reported that Euro/Schengen visas can now be gotten for longer than 3 months.  She also is very interested in getting an F27 if you know of a well cared for one.  She and her family live in Leavenworth and are mostly mountaineers so will be trailer sailors.


 Here are the reports I heard, many had nice pictures & videos too:  Shaun and Jess sailed their new F31 a lot, mostly in South Sound where they keep it in DesMoines.  Todd keeps his boat on a private buoy a quarter mile from his West Seattle home.  Both of these folks had a bunch of up close encounters and pics of orcas in S. Sound and San Juans.  Very cool.  Jeff showed videos of reaching at 16 knots single handing around the sound.  Jim & Paula M showed slides of commuter cruising their Crowther 42 in the San Juans via their son’s small plane.  Jim also showed pics of nice woodwork he did to update the boat.   Joel and Patty who trucked their 35 Marples Trimaran down to Napa CA showed pics of their recently self rigged and raised (via $200 yard crane) mast.  They used all synthetic rigging and are really good at splicing now.  They are getting close to launching but wonder how Covid will affect their plans to cruise Mexico this fall.  Dan H. made us all envious broadcasting while sailing his trimaran in Lake Union on this warm, but very forest fire smokey evening.   Eric showed a couple pictures of his slightly marine related summer, rebuilding a rotten wall and roof on the 100 year old house boat his dad bought 50 years ago.  No sailing for him as he’s working 7 days a week to get it done.  Mark D reported on conditions in Mexico where he spends the winter Tornado and kite sailing.  He stayed a little longer there to keep out of covid’s harms way, until it got too hot in June.  He’s back in Seattle now.


 We had several other folks in attendance enjoying the stories and discussions as well.  


 At the end Vice Commodore Diane reminded us that on Saturday, Sept 12 at 7pm the virtual Pt Townsend Wooden Boat festival will show (debut?) the R2AK race movie and live Q&A with the filmmakers.  It can be viewed for a day or so afterwards to paid participants of the show.  Its $15 - 30 depending on whether you choose just the movie and/or the pictorial boat tours and all the info packed seminars of the show.  See  for more info. 


 Next month Oct 6, Joe and Sue D will speak about their cruise from the Chesapeake Bay thru the Caribbean, Panama Canal to Alaska and back home to Gig Harbor.   They have a fast 48’ Chris White Voyager catamaran.


 November 3 we will have Teresa and Rob from the Puget Sound Cruising Club give us a show on their trip to Cuba.  Its a monohull but we will give them a pass.  It should be very interesting.


 Til then smooth sailing