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Legendary 3 Meter SLIME is for sale plus a sistership

posted Sep 14, 2020, 6:08 PM by Mark Olsoe

Two Marples/Searunner Constant Camber 3M trimarans for sale. $500/ea or best offer.  These boats are located in the Illahee area of Bremerton.

Please call or text Eric Kuhner at 206-371-2135 to view.

My father, Ben Kuhner, built these two boats about 20 or so years ago, but they have not been sailed in more than a decade. One has been primarily garaged, and one has been tarped. They appear to be complete, including mast, centerboard(s), mainsail and spinnaker. They also appear to be in relatively good condition, but will need attention to all rigging, etc. There is a trailer and a wheeled cart to enable one person to move these boats—my dad was able to carry one in the bed of his pickup and one on a trailer behind to tow for meet-ups and races. The condition of the trailer and cart is ok but tires are tbd but likely poor. A current association member had this to say about one of the boats: “Perchance is one of them a lime green boat called Slime? I remember that boat as being the best built and fastest in the class.”

This would make a great project for someone who likes to race or a parent/child project.

Bonus: small (2m?) catamaran rowing dinghy, free with either boat

As I’m sure many of you know, John Marples designed the Constant Camber 3-meter sailboat as a racing class for solo sailors.  More info here: CC 3M Trimaran

Three photographs are shown below: