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Trimaran for Sale – Marples CC 35

posted Jul 12, 2020, 2:48 PM by Mark Olsoe

This Constant Camber 35 trimaran took us all over Puget Sound and up to Alaska.  We spent every summer vacation on this boat for years, but recently we have not been using her.  The boat will require work, and will be a very good deal for someone who wants to bring her back to her glory days.

Here is information on her condition:

She is a constant camber boat (a method of cold molding) with ply decks. The whole boat has been epoxy sealed, so any rot should be limited to the area of damage.   She is sound, but does need work. The work is mostly fiberglass work.   There are some zippers at the deck edges, some areas of the deck sheathing are delaminating from the underlying ply, and some nicks in the sheathing of the hull need drying and sheathing.   Eventually the centerboard case will need to be replaced. 

The rig is the original standard constant camber cutter, with a battenless cruising main, jib, yankee, light reacher and a 110 (?) genoa.    We have used the genny alone 80% of the time and the reacher most of the rest.  The mast is an isomat (I think) spar with slab reefing, the sails are home made by the builder (not us)) and have been good enough for us.  The genny is a commercially made sail.

The layout is close to a Searunner, with an aft cabin with a double, and galley, then a deep 4 seat cockpit, forward cabin with a double and a fairly big nav table, which I suppose could become a tight single.  Forward of that is a space that we call the boudoir, about 3 feet at the forward aka with a bench, some shelves, and sink.  Then about 8-10 feet of bow that is too narrow for much except to put " stuff.”

Wild Geese was made to cross oceans. She makes even non-sailors feel comfortable, as she doesn’t heel much, and has a big, high sided cockpit. The two cabins let the parents sleep on one side, the kids on the other. The shallow draft allows for adventures where other boats can’t go.  

If you're interested, please contact us in Olympia at:

360-561-3889 (text)

Samantha Ritchie and Dave Stewart