Eagle Harbor Rendezvous

posted Sep 9, 2014, 9:31 AM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Sep 9, 2014, 9:35 AM ]

Thanks to Dave Miller's persistence, we enjoyed a lovely 5 boat rendezvous at Eagle Harbor last weekend.  The weather was just stellar.  There was enough breeze to reach across from Seattle on Saturday, and just enough to eek back on Sunday.  It was an all F-boat affair, with Four 31s (Lindahl, Miller, Oaklief, and DePillis), and Doug' Barlow's F28. 

The nicest thing for me was that it was such a family oriented event.  Jeff Oaklief, Julie Brisson brought Jonah (13) and Jane (8) (not to mention the two labs, Ginger and Jorja).   Doug Barlow came with daughters Nira (13) an Leela (15).  Interesting people, every one of them.  Wonderful memories:  Talking boats with Jonah and crabs with Jane.  Listening to Lea play the ukelele.  Nira making fun of her dad's long hair and speedo.  10 people sharing potluck dinner in my cockpit.

We did quite a bit of boat shuffling to fit everyone in to the dock, and were rafted 3 deep at one point, but it all worked out just fine.  Plans are in the works for another get together, perhaps at the county park on Marrowstone Island next year.  Nira was not inclined to wait that long, so maybe we can arrange something sooner.  

A short video showing the raft up:  http://youtu.be/yJvKP-2dZL4

There was quite a bit of boat talk-- everybody has some useful idea, intriguing question, or clever bit of gear.  I was particularly taken with Jeff's inflatable solar powered lantern, Doug's charming storm jib, Eric's seats, and David's companion way ladder.  But the boat talk was not as absurdly dominant as it can sometimes be-- we talked families and places, and how we came to be here--  all kinds of things. 

Maybe it helped that this rendezvous came together at the very last minute--  I don't think that any of us had particularly elevated expectations.  When it came together so perfectly, we were dazzled.

Caption for picture: from left to right  David miller, Julie Brisson, Ercc Lindahl, Jonah Oaklief, Leela Barlow, Jane Oaklief, Doug Barlow, Nira Barlow, Vince DePillis, Jeff Oaklief, Kristin Bedell.  Out walking: Marilyn Lindahl, and Julia Miller.