Guy Rittger with plans for R2AK

posted Jan 29, 2018, 5:19 PM by A Rice
Received this note from member Guy Rittger. He is a partner in Team Pear Shapped Racing. They attempted R2AK 2017, but withdrew after damage from hitting a log. He reports on this years efforts in preparation for 2019:

I'm pleased to report the arrival, in the PNW, of "Dragon", a 10.8M custom trimaran acquired from Auckland, NZ by Team Pear Shaped Racing for the 2019 Race to Alaska.  The boat was shipped as deck cargo to Vancouver, off-loaded on January 12, and delivered on her own hull to Van Isle Marina, in Sidney, BC.  Our intentions are to race the boat in several 2018 and 2019 events, leading up to R2AK, after which we'll see what happens.

Anyone is welcome to drop by VIM and check out the boat.  TPSR's Canadian partner is frequently at the boat, prepping it for R2AK.  We're partnering, again, with UK Sails PNW for our sail inventory, and getting input and support from many Victoria BC "Friends of TPSR", who deserve a major shout-out (which we'll get around to, soon, on our TPSR blog).

We're very much looking forward to being on the water this Spring and seeing how "Dragon" performs.

Warm regards,

TPSR / San Francisco