Kite boarder passed my Corsair 31 Trimaran, barely…… Blissful solo sailing today

posted Oct 7, 2014, 10:02 AM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Oct 7, 2014, 10:03 AM ]

So I'm on a bit of a high this evening, October 6, and thought I'd share my story. 


I finally took my Corsair 31 AC out solo today. I've had a blast sailing, cruising and racing with the Northwest Multihull Association folks all summer but hadn't had the right circumstances to go solo yet.  (NOTICE……. NWMA meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, so get on down here all you Puget Sounders for some good old fashioned camaraderie and story telling, plus great program by a local rigger, google NWMA for location/time.)   


It so happened that I had a tooth extraction this morning so I thought I'd be on the couch all day.  As the anesthetic wore off I kept eyeing the developing summer like sea breeze and temperature, 78 degrees!!!  (A few years ago I was skiing powder snow at Crystal Mt on this date!).  Not much tooth pain so decided to salvage the day and go sailing.  


Winds were perfect for my first solo, beginning around 5-8 and built to 10-12 with a few higher puffs.  Using auto to keep head to wind I hoisted main and jib and removed & reattached the the main sheet from the boom end to the mid boom point, (I have to do this on my furling boom as the traveler is too far forward for boom end sheeting, and it is a pain, and apparently was fixed in later versions, still not sure how to reef this kind a rig).  


Off I went, reaching down to where the wind is highest on Lake Washington, and where the kiters and boarders sail.  Then along comes this kiter on one of those new fangled hydrofoil kite boards skimming 2 feet above the water.  I had both my jib and screecher up to dry 'em out before putting them away for the winter (I had hosed the salt water off of while they were hoisted at the dock before going out.)  Kiter/foiler decided to go to windward of me so I know I wasn't pinching him off and was amazed that he was only going 2 or 3 knots faster on his 10 meter kite, (it seemed like a small kite for the wind but maybe the foiling helps out).   I estimate I was going ~10 knots at the time.  This is cool.  After a couple hours reaching around the lake, often with tiller pilot and me on the front nets keeping watch, I headed the 3 miles back upwind towards home, watched a gorgeous sunset to the west and a wonderful full moon rise to the east.  Got back to the dock after dusk, still in my tee shirt and shorts, packed the boat away using the moon light and was totally jazzed at what a great afternoon/evening sail and solo cherry popping I just had.  I'll now be soloing a bunch next summer, can't wait.


Upshot is; this was a bonus day today, thinking I'd be down for the count on the couch and summers over for the year.  Who'da thought we'd get another truly warm day this late in the year.


That's it.  I wish you all equally fair winds and a great winter, and a special thanks to David L and brokers Steve and Tanya Marsh.


Eric Lindahl