Dec Notes incl PIYA, Safety, Youth

posted Dec 1, 2018, 1:10 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc
Enter the rainy season!  
Finally we are sliding into the misty, cooler clime that makes coffee more enjoyable and the restorative properties of moisture more noticeable.  I know that many of you are still out there... sailing around Island County or any one of the many winter sailing activities in the Northwest... but for me this is a time for introspection and planning.

There are many things that are happening in the local multihull world and likewise there are many future opportunities that NWMA may want to participate in.  Here is a small sampling...

PIYA Update:

This years Pacific International Yachting Association (PIYA) meeting was well attended by clubs from British Columbia to Oregon and there was much discussion about their grant program.  The PIYA grants, given based on merit and funds available, have recently been opened up and are no longer limited to junior sailors.  For the foreseeable future these grants are now accessible by anyone participating in championship level events.  For many of those in our organization, this means Cowichian Bay NW Multihull Championship.  Grants are intended for support of entry fees and travel expenses.

Safety Regulations for Multihulls:

Some of you may remember our club participating in past efforts to change safety rules for racing multihulls.  We are gearing up for another round of review.  This is particularly timely since the Portland Corinthian Yacht Club, organizer of the Oregon Offshore International Yacht Regatta, has reached out to our group in an effort to understand the different handling characteristics and safety considerations for multihull yachts in order to determine if the current exclusion of multihulls from this regatta should be eliminated. 

Safety at Sea Seminar:

The NWMA is researching our ability to offer an accredited Safety at Sea Seminar to our members.  We have reached out to organizers and are obtaining cost information for several options.  The first being the clubs participation in existing Safety at Sea Seminars offered this year in Vancouver Washington or next year in Bainbridge Island Washington.  The second option is for the NWMA to organize and host a seminar on our own.  Once information is gathered the options will be presented to the membership for input.

Community Outreach/Youth Sailing Support:

NWMA is an organization that exists to (among other things) support and enhance multihull sailing.  To this end the NWMA will be considering options for support which might include extending financial aid to youth sailing organizations or possibly (as we have done in the past) providing multihull craft for these organizations.

As always, if you have some thoughts on the direction of the club, come to a meeting, make yourself heard and participate in the future of Multihull sailing in the great Northwest!

Your Commodore

Jeff Oaklief