February 2018

posted Jan 29, 2018, 5:00 PM by A Rice

Yep... still raining.  And cold. 

A physical form of my favorite element... I like rain, but it is too young to be of much use to me.  I like it better after it has migrated, matured and settled down.  An old salt among other old salts; my favorite playground.

Cold is altogether different.  Sneaky and good at mind games it waits outside until you have been on the couch in a warm living room for a while.  When the time is right it sends a quick draft from the window to trick you into thinking that it is REALLY cold... somehow urging the blanket out of the hall closet and power to the TV.  Cold seems to want you to be still and not move. 

Fortunately, Cold in our neighborhood is WEAK and can not stand in the face of a good cup of coffee, proper clothing and getting... OUT THERE!  

This is my favorite time of year to scurry around getting ready for the summer; doing any number of small tasks that should not be left until they interfere with my summer sailing plans!  In addition to that, there are Multihull things to do!
  • If you are reading this in early February, there is still a chance to hit the boat show.  This year NWMA members will be meeting up with the local Hobie fleet at the Hobie booth for an informal get-together and participate in the wine tasting event.  It will also be a good chance to get some information or provide some input on the upcoming Round Mercer Island race this April.  The Hobie fleet has invited NWMA members to bring their boats and chase them (or be chased by them) around the island.  A good chance to showcase the NWMA and have some early spring fun.
  • The NWMA auction at our February meeting is a good way to lighten up the boat a little, or find some stuff you really can not live without (and weigh it back down again).  I have a "to find" list of my own and will also be bringing a few items that no longer fit the Ruf Duck "program".
  • Toliva Shoal Race is this month... for those that know of cold's weakness and need to scratch that sailing itch.  It sounds like one of our South Sound family is helping organize that race and will be participating.  I hope to be meeting them down there.
I am sure this is only a partial list... feel free to fill in any blanks!

I am always surprised how less cold it seems once I get started and how overly warm the house feels when I get back inside.  

Happy February!