July Notes from the Net Rail

posted Jul 2, 2018, 7:59 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated Jul 2, 2018, 8:00 PM ]
   I suppose it was a cruel joke to announce at the May meeting that it would be our last. 

It did get a satisfying number of raised eyebrows... before someone chimed in that it was the last UNTIL FALL and that club would be in full cruising mode for the summer.  Yep, NWMA takes a break from indoor activities and gets out on the water... and to celebrate the start of cruising season we will be having our June "meeting" in the back of Liberty Bay in Poulsbo to watch their 3rd of July fireworks.  Yep.  The 3rd.  Kind of hard to explain that to folks who are not from here and frankly I have no idea how the untraditional tradition got started.  Its unusual... different.  Kind of like us.  If you want to participate we will be rafted up out from the park gazebo.  After the fireworks and a good nights sleep the lot of us will sail to the south side of Blake Island and anchor out for a beach potluck on the 4th.  Note that there is usually a good show of local fireworks from Manchester just across the water from Blake Island.    As always, keep your eye on the website and google groups forum for details.

Hope to see you all on the water!