June 2018

posted Jun 8, 2018, 5:15 PM by A Rice

Ahhh.... Sunny and dry.  All that patience over the winter rewarded with days that do not require generating your own body heat to stay warm.  Seems kind of like someone threw a switch though... suddenly appearing in bold highlight are all the things that I want to get done before the boat goes into its slip for the summer.  The resulting small flurry of activity on my end is seemingly repeated infinitely across the waterfront.  Both pleasure boats and fish boats trying to get ready for the season.  Bags of stuff migrating to the boat, other bags of debris and work leftovers migrating away from the boat.  Smells slowly changing from resin to paint... paint to provisions.  An exciting time for sure, and if you think you need more of that kind of environment in a more concentrated format you should show up in Port Townsend a day or so before the start of the R2AK.  Yep... lots of frantic will be happening as teams make final preparations... and in some cases finish (or start) building their boat.  Some of our members are all to aware of this since a hand full are participating in the race this year.  Team Wright Yachts, Team Mknottkrazee and Team Waterworld Impending will all be up there being imbibed with pre-race jitters... among other things.  I encourage you to check it out!

Speaking of racing... NWMA had a presence at Swiftsure this year, bolstering a turnout that had a near record number of multihulls entering the event.  Good job on showing the colors!

On the Club inner workings side of things I am happy to announce that we have a new volunteer on the NWMA Digital Team and after what seems like six months of planning we are getting a glimmer of good things to come.  Over the remainder of the year we will slowly be updating the look, function and possibly the entire format of the NWMA website.  Of course, we will be strengthening the connections to our three core activities of Cruise Race and Build.  We are hoping to increase functionality by adding a members only communication section, create a repository for our collective knowledge, tool library for our building assets and among other things, create a touchstone for multihull enthusiasts in the Puget Sound Region.

Happy June!

Your Commodore,
Jeff Oaklief