October Note from the Net Rail

posted Oct 28, 2018, 4:20 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc

It happens to me almost every year.  All parts of my normal life that were pushed aside to make  time for summer sailing come rushing back as I walk into October.  Thats all good though... I have to do something that helps me blend into the non-sailing crowd and getting caught up on the grass cutting and house maintenance work that has to be done.  Neighborhood eyebrows will be lowered to their normal levels... at least until after the holidays when the winter mist is illuminated once again by work lights and the sounds of grinding and the smell of fiberglass work seeps back into their awareness.  :)  Still, fall is not without its high points and my trip to the Annapolis Boat show has to be pretty high on that list.  

Seattle has excellent shows but the Annapolis United States Sailboat Show is not exaggerating when it says it is the largest in-water show in the US.  I really would have liked to have more time and had I wanted to really soak in everything, I would have needed every day the show was open to do so.  At least I was there, even if the time seemed too short, wearing my NWMA swag and representing my local sailing scene.  I was super excited both by the number of multihulls at the show but also the NW contingent present, including our very own member Rob Wright of Wright Yachts (Seawind Catamarans), Paul Bieker (promoting his new Fast Forward Composites Eagle Class 53 cat) and Kirk Utter (Raptor Deck) to name a few.  I got to chat up Michael Reardon, CEO of Daedalus Yachts (I want a G4. Really), who is now the owner of the Farrier brand.  Rob Densem of Farrier Marine gave me a tour of the F-22 (sweet ride) and I have to say that the boat seems to be spacious for a 22' tri.  It has nice features and totally competent design, hardware and sails that I have come to expect from that brand.  HH was there with their palatial 55' carbon cat and lots of representatives from their facility in China.  Contrasting this boat (dollar wise) was my favorite foiling catamaran dinghy at the show... the Fulcrum Speedworks UFO.  They even had one of these for in-water demos but the wind was light and I had other boats to look at so no attempts at joy riding by me!  I EVEN LOOKED AT A MONOHULL... mustachioed Figaro Beneteau 3.

The east coast whirlwind over it is time to refocus on fall NWMA activities.  The upcoming officer elections and nominated positions are important and if you have benefited by your membership (if you have not, you are not taking full advantage of the benefits available) and your interests and abilities lie in that direction please make it known.  Even if you are not the officer type there is plenty of opportunity to help steer the discussion about what kinds of activities should planned for next year.  Does the club want to pull together a Safety at Sea seminar?  Do we have a charitable activity that enhances access to the local sailing scene?  Social engagements (the envy of the Salish Watershed), to be planned?  See you at the November meeting... we can talk about it then!

Your Commodore,

Jeff Oaklief