March 2018

posted Feb 28, 2018, 8:35 PM by A Rice   [ updated Feb 28, 2018, 8:40 PM ]
As I sit at my desk writing this (in the tail end of February) I can see March. I think. Its on the other side of the week through all that pea size hail that is covering the lawn. Hard to see it very clearly because the stuff is coming down so hard at the moment. Must be payback for saying Cold was weak last month. Sheesh... no sense of humor. Still, boat work and sailing events continue on unabated!

The big news this month is that NWMA NOW HAS ANOTHER BENEFIT!

BALLARD SAILS now offers discounts to NWMA members on the purchase of new sails. On top of that, they also are offering a one time free PHRF measurement for one full suit of your racing sails (main, jib, screecher and spinnaker). Were you saying that there were too many barriers to joining the races this year? Not any more! Just moments ago it was hard to imagine that NWMA could take another step towards Net Dues Neutrality but thanks to your hard working Officer team and the generosity of the fine folks at Ballard Sails the dream is becoming reality!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the NWMA officers have also been hard at work connecting and reconnecting with other organizations and individuals around the region. The Seattle Boat Show was particularly good in that contact was made with the multihull dealers in the area. Wright Yachts, who is now the new Corsair dealer, was at the show with a Seawind, the Multihull Company was there with a big power cat and Signature Yachts, who now broker several multihull brands, was there with a Fountaine Pajot. All good folks who we hope to be working with as the year progresses.

Need more excitement? How about R2AK? The news is apparently out that multihulls are R2AK winners... and NWMA members are excellent resources for tips and tricks. If you came to the February meeting you met Duane and Chuck Emnott from Team Mknotkrazee. They will be running the 2018 R2AK in last years Nacra Inter 20... yep, the Team Ketch Me If You Can boat... the ones that took Northwest Maritime Center up on the 10k buyback program. NWMA is also giving insider info to team Wright Yachts/NW Yachting, who are planning on doing the race in a new Corsair 970 Sport. While they wait for their boat to arrive from the factory, NWMA members will be getting them on similar boats so they can start honing their crew work.
 Lots of stuff going on!
Your Commodore Jeff