Race Report from Moxie

posted May 29, 2014, 4:38 PM by PacificNorthWest MultihullAssoc   [ updated May 29, 2014, 4:46 PM ]

"Thar be wind...or not."

There was a great turn-out for the 2nd annual Multihull sailing regatta at Pt. Townsend May 17-18.  I arrived with my crew Friday afternoon at the Pt. Hudson Marina where the event was scheduled to be staged.   As the afternoon progressed, other boats arrived.  Familiar friends like PaxDragonfly and Freda Mae were there early along with the F24 Sea Puppy out of Sequim and Escape, an F27 arriving much later.   Even better there arrived some new faces!!   We met a very happy F31 who was forced to endure the renaming ceremony, as well as Triagain, an F31 brand new to the area.  We mixed it up with a very sporty F28SC (center cockpit sport cruiser) named Zama and got to see Ruf Duck again.  Moon and Stars, a big Catana 472 cruising cat hung out in the anchorage and finally the multihull entrants were rounded out by a pair of free spirit Wetas.   We even had a pair of full keel sailboats represented from the Pt. Townsend Yacht Club to round out the fleet. If I left someone out and the web guy missed it too, please feel free to take it up with us at the 3rd annual regatta.  (Seriously, our sincere apologies - Ed).

We all settled in on Friday evening with the sailors heading to a boat builder's shop who is putting together a Proa.  That was all fine and dandy, but I couldn't wait to start the morning because that evening among the boats, the buzz was about wind.  Would the forecast 20kt westerly show up?  What is this about light and variable rumors?  As is not unusual, we racers adopted a wait and see attitude.  Tomorrow will be what it is and we will either race fast or slow or really slow.

Well, Saturday was raced, I think most of us would agree, in the slow or really slow category.   For my crew, we had two who have never sailed before and a 5th who the sailors had met up at Blaine two weeks earlier.  They certainly had lots of laughter and I only remember one outburst from the tactician/main trimmer which he later apologized although I certainly understand.  Light winds can be frustrating.  With two hours to finish the skipper announced, "If we average 5kn for the next 2 hours we will not finish in time."   We, along with most of the rest of the fleet had succeeded in sailing in circles, following real or imaginary currents, tacked, tacked back, hoisted different sails, doused sails, furled sails, popped the main, flopped the main and pretty much did all the cool sailing stuff we routinely practice when there is very little wind to play with.  Eventually my crew finally decided to give up on the zephyrs and headed in.

You notice I said "most of the fleet".  There were two boats, wait for it, drum roll, who obviously had vastly superior sailors, who managed to disappear around Point Wilson. Dragonfly and Pax had attained what for the rest of us mere fiberglass shells was the unattainable.  For many hours they sailed in the "beyond".   Did they battle with The Cracken or repulse pirates?   Had they run aground?   Was there even water in the "Beyond"?  Only they can tell.  I know we left Dragonfly on their way back becalmed just inside Pt Wilson when we returned to port and joined with the rest of the crews with a hearty cheer as they finally managed to sail past to finish.   Not long after, another cheer went up as Pax, too, sailed past to finish as well.

Sunday saw short course racing all over Pt Townsend Bay.   Winds were still a bit squirrely but start after start was conducted by the Race Committee and fun was had by all.

I, along with all the other boats wish to thank the RC, PRO David Miller, Vince DePillis who championed the event and all those who tirelessly made this event happen.   We have neither a trophy nor bragging rights but we did have fun and for us, that is ample.   

Thank you,

Linda, Martyn, Laurie, Cameron and Scott)

Footnote from Martyn - Our 2 ex-non-sailing crew, Laurie and Cameron, are now sailors and want to do more.  They live in Pt Townsend and introduced us to a new friend, Aren, who is a well-known master chef in Pt. Townsend.   We took his family sailing the following Monday evening and they treated us to a wonderful salmon dinner the next evening.  We brought this nice big King Salmon and he showed me how he prepared it nose to tail.   Though I may have broken his heart when I declined his special horseradish cream sauce, it seems he wants to crew on Moxie next year.   I already "suggested" roast salmon as the dinner.   We shall see.