Northwest Multihull Association

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Explanation of this Interim Site

Things look different here!

They certainly do! You'll see that the site only has current events, recent and future meeting notices, but does not have that rich trove of history that the old site had. In addition, there are minor design and layout differences, not all of which are improvements.

Why such an abrupt and incomplete rollout?

We're fighting a 1-Sept deadline on which the old site would have been totally inaccessible. We were planning that the Google rehost tool would work but found that it did not. So now we need to move to a professionally designed WordPress site, but got a late start on finding the right developer and would not have had that new site ready in time.

To bridge the gap, we've deployed this (jury rigged!) site using the new more limited Google Sites service. There is no tool to automate the migration from Classic Sites to just-plain-Sites and we did not invest the time to manually convert each page of old content.

Whose fault is it?

We blame Google. They wanted to shut down the perfectly functional web site builder service (now retroactively branded "Classic" sites), probably because it was costly to support. They did provide a new site builder tool (just plain "Sites"), but it's substantially different under the covers and they did not invest much time or effort in providing a migration tool or in documenting how a site owner could proceed to convert a site without one. Nor did they provide an API to enable any 3rd party to provide a good migration tool. Classic evil capitalist behavior! But they don't care because Sites (new or old) doesn't generate any revenue (no ads, and they won't take paid subscriptions.)

Meetings and Minutes

Racing and Items of Interest