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For those interested in cruising activities (generally June to September), a schedule should be listed on the website, or you can contact the Rear Commodore.


The racing agenda is set by the Race Fleet Captain. As the NWMA is a PIYA-affiliate, your membership to NWMA qualifies you to captain a multihull in PHRF-NW racing.

Fisheries Supply discount

A significant benefit to current members can be our discount at Fisheries Supply. The discount amount varies on the category of the product -- electronics have a lower discount than bottom paint.

In the store it can be difficult to know what your actual price will be. Fortunately, you can now do your price research from home or your smart phone by viewing their website while logged into your account. The items will be displayed with our discount price.

You can register by going to You will need to login with an existing personal account, or create a new one. Follow the instructions, then enter the Promo Code you receive from the Membership Chairman after joining or renewing with NWMA. This will link your account with our club discount till the following renewal period.

The Promo Code will only need to be used once and will be active when you use your account for store purchases or ordering online.

Discount on New Sails at Ballard Sails

New sail orders placed between September 1st and Oct 15 15% discount.

New sail orders placed between October 16- Feb 15th 10% discount.

This discount is only valid to current NWMA members.

This offer is valid on cruising and racing sails.

Repair rate and rigging labor will remain the same.

Discount on PHRF measurements at Ballard Sails

A one time free PHRF measurement for one full suit of racing sails (main, jib, screecher and spinnaker).

The intent would be a one time deal per non-commercial owner to help jumpstart a boat into the PHRF process.

NWMultihull eMailing List --

This is a email list that is used to easily communicate with other NW individuals (members or not) interested in multihulls. Simply post an email that is distributed to others who subscribe. It might be to highlight an upcoming event, report on races, state availability of willing crew or crew request, plan a cruising event, or ask general a question.

To enroll, point your browser to!forum/northwest-multihull-association. You'll be prompted to sign into Google (or to register your email address the first time). Click on the button labeled 'Apply to join group'.

A club officer will review your request within a day and you'll be in! If the button is labeled 'My Membership' instead of 'Apply to join group', it means you are already enrolled in the email group.

Once enrolled in the email list, you can choose to participate primarily by email or by browser. Click on the 'My membership' button, then select the available options: 1) Don’t send email updates, 2) send daily summaries, 3) send combined updates, 4) send an email for every new message.

Regardless of what you choose for *receiving* messages, you always can choose to *post* a message (or a cogent reply to a previous message) either by email or by posting online.

Address emails to . You can include pictures, but embed them in the body of the email rather than attaching them as a separate file to make them easier to find.

When replying by email, most email programs will ‘helpfully’ include a copy of the whole previous message beneath your reply. But the email group already shows the previous thread, so your copy would only clutter things up. Please delete the extra text from your reply.

New to NWMA? Logon and introduce yourself.

If you have any questions about how the group works, email the Web Curator.

Club Burgee

A NWMA Burgee is available for new members or those who have never received one. Replacements can be purchased for those that have worn theirs out (a good thing, right?).

Contact the Membership Chairman and one should be available at the next meeting.